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Let's play like the. Whenever you can't. That's our goal. So came up short. So I'm going to move on. Her mom's expected to start against the Tigers. Tonight are busy sports night. Also includes the Knicks open to stop a six game slide as they host the bulls. The nets are home for the NBA best bucks. Brooklyn a half game behind Detroit for the sixth seed in the east and only half game ahead of eighth-place, Miami, the magic and the Hornets are also in the mix Rangers and devils playing out the string and the NHL facing off tonight at the rock in Newark while the playoff bound islanders. Welcome John Taveras and the Toronto Maple Leafs back to Nassau Coliseum. Sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock marker a ten ten wins. Sports wins news time ten seventeen two years ago. We chose a reality TV personality as president in Ukraine today TV stars on the presidential ballot. And he's doing well early results in Ukraine's presidential election show, a comedian who plays a fictional president with no political experience. Maintaining a strong lead against incumbent. President petro Pora shaneco setting the stage for a runoff people are above. Of all more important than political activity and ambitions early projection show, a lot of MIR's Alinsky earning. More than thirty percent of the vote while the incumbent president Pora shaneco was a distant second with neither candidate winning fifty percent. The election heads to a runoff, April twenty first despite trailing Poro shaneco hailed the results as a victory for Europe as neither candidate wants to move Ukraine toward Russian control after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in two thousand fourteen Scott Carr, Washington gino's, come in many forms, crunchy japodlay ranch flaming hot some people on a cruise ship had their own style cocaine Cheetos British police arrested a dozen people over the weekend for allegedly trafficking in cocaine. They kept in Cheetos bags and ceramic bowls forty pounds were seized along with cash and cell phones. They were arrested in Portugal and will be tried in that country. Four had just arrived from the Caribbean on the MSC opera and authorities say all the suspects said book travel from Madera to various locations in Europe. Wins. News time ten eighteen finally Harris swift talking tech sponsored by New York's ultimate camera authority apples planning to offer yet another option for cable cord cutters with a new streaming service called apple TV. Plus, but seeing editor at large Dan Ackerman says apple may have a tough time taking a bite out of rivals like Netflix. Everyone wants to call themselves. A Netflix killer. I think this is the type of service that would work well with Netflix. Netflix their own original programs and movies and stuff, and what apple is saying is come to us and subscribe to individual platforms like Hulu like HBO Showtime. And by the way, we also hired all these cool guys like Steven Speilberg and Oprah to do original programming for us. No word yet on the cost of apple TV, plus which is expected to debut in the fall talking tech..

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