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The the great Justin Hayward moody blues born this day in nineteen forty six welcome back nine twenty five foot wall so news ninety three point one K. B. K. band is rarely go I wanna be jamming out here in a few minutes we're looking forward to that Hey you know what's sad hello Peggy I don't think you're happy anniversary and Kendall when we were speaking on the phone we found out where cast sisters were both born in the cast same day one day apart and mark the boys guy I'm thinking of you too and Kendall I hope you get better and when I turned on Hannity six years ago he wasn't there you were and you have made my husband my night very pleasurable he listen to his room I listen to my room and I don't know people we could not hear me but what really matters is that you know that I feel like I'm very your family too that's how you make everybody feel and your second gentleman thank you Peggy thank you for so he had to say I remember when Sean Hannity was on prior to my show and you know I know Sean Hannity and a lot of listeners and things so it was kind of shocking to people but the fact that you listened in and you're stuck with this paying in your husband thank you it means a lot I mean it really means a lot to us we never take that for granted well a lot of you know thank have a wonderful I need to pay you thank you say hi to your husband for me to please a let's go to were shod joining us in Vallejo hall Rashad your Hey how are you I'm excellent Sir how are you so great I just got off work I work at Six Flags discovery kingdom Vallejo California nice and I my daily listener I have a co worker there's good friend of mine named Sandra and we listen to the radio station every day thank you very much yeah and we had a good name for you guys that laws well I have to say I love the name the outlaws I think it's great the only problem with that is it's one of my favorite southern rock hall talking here green grass and high tides in the but it's a great day man if it weren't taken in your and suggested a right now I can assure you were shot dead away would say that's it we're we I mean I would have to give them certainly a vote with the band but I think we would all love that one but now you now you get a prompt me to place him outlaws going to break your lease Russia yes Sir so what do you do can I ask what you do it to us at the Six Flags yes work for the Parma car park service is a maintenance department okay janitorial okay well I've been there in years for how long ten years but man open at losing you said there were shot yeah yeah yeah you've been there ten years man fifteen fifteen years fifteen years I want to tell you man the fact that you listen to the show while you're doing that you've been listening it for this long it's like I tell everyone else has been so very kind tonight it just means the world to us and I mean it's it's what motivates us in just one it makes us want to do but you know more fun things and and just hang out with you I mean seriously we shot that's all this show is I mean that's what it is because I feel like with all the garbage that we have here in this world that there's still a couple of miles we can have and I and I appreciate you sharing those with this man oh no problem is those are male and please tell your co worker who listens to us that that that I thank them as well on and thanks for the great name it's a great name I will tell you that research at but but here and I'll play some outlaws going to break with thank you for for your loyalty to our show okay anytime thank you Sir a man you know Louise I wanted to get the David words sixteen minutes old when I got to go to a break so I hope that he can hang in there I would take it right now if you had a you know but Anytown hang in there there my friend and we'll get your phone call straight ahead and then our band will play all right they're already manner appalled that they they can only hold their instruments for two and a half hours at a time without getting all jittery and stuff here's the outlaws power also on the west bank in Bethlehem it's already Christmas day last night we sell that the church of the nativity where it's believed Jesus was born a major attraction for thousands of Christian pilgrims from around the world and at the Vatican news cams hand Tennessee humano Francis in prayer in midnight mass reminding the fateful day god loves everyone in his words Lee.

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