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Like they have a whole set up where they have a club is like 50 ukraine girls will be in my greensboro charlotte on this date and you sign up and you attend this party in you mingle and then you pick one and while smith of guys and i'm just speculator just go to throw it out there but like wouldn't you kind of feel a little bit like a purves showed out there mobilink loser here for the ladies who are here for a bitter so desperate for bear date me right i've never met anybody who hasn't mail order bribe but i can assume you might feel like pervert when he show up i don't know if you feel like a pervert or just that you're taking advantage of the same time you're helping them out to because that's what they want in the back of your mind the whole time the cdu mary ukrainian like oh she just you know wore big bear to me was better than being in a wartorn country it's not a lot of crazy because we need think of like wartorn country's you think of like really not goodlooking people fighting but then you have these fell cannot really female looking women's walking down the street it's like so odd that it seems odd bomb love in the background explodes up things like hair that running their high heels meet me at the uh the hilton part of me things yes that it doesn't matter that is looking to be here and then won again part of me things like wow this is seems like is so much better they actually the allude asian is that they're falling in love i dunno i don't know what if mean carol don't work out which i don't think it'll be a problem because we've been together for a long time but for say she can't tolerate me any longer there you go at right and she decides to leave which would be messed up but if he did i probably would attend one of those meetings if i haven't heard that happens but if it david it does happen can you face would live or something sabbath wars not as high gers they have one of the girls into do an interview something very curious about that whole set up your hand to while while.

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