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Level spells that you you want to have in your arsenal like you WanNa have cure woods just in case something falls apart and you WanNa have hunters mark and you WanNa have spouse loss for that yeah. The Atta I think alarm is a good one too because you cast as a ritual toiling last eight hours and basically this other thing I like about the conjuration or any of those kind of useful once they can be done rituals yeah yeah I think there are a lot of spells to that can be done as rituals but yeah I get you and ritual if like you're not sure what that means that means you take ten minutes to cast any. Don't use all slot but you have to have prepared unless you're ritual caster say goodbye. Those are good so vain. Unseen Servant Good did spell options yeah. I don't think you'll ever need purify food water or whatever we I mean you might say that I bet the next person I was going to be. Our demand is like okay. Let's make sure Raven and Jesse need to have purify food and drink right but like here's a situation like what are we going to be in where I guess somebody's trying to poison US yeah. Don't take food from scratchy people city lake. Jake landscape always make somebody else eat it. I I don't know all that's an obvious yeah. There are non-magical things. Don't waste your spouse. Lots yeah okay so let's move on so some of these other ones now that we're getting to your coming from ash yeah ask another member of our patriach asked us at Anti Sandwich on twitter. Go give her a follow. She's a Patriot on. Do you want to do the first question yeah. Is there any fictional characters you really looked up to you or wanted to be growing up interesting fictional character yes so particular character in particular I mean I always wanted to go Q.. Not Real so that's my problem with. I never anything I admired about fictional characters. Were there cool powers so I couldn't get this I guess. <hes> there are a lot of people I've talked about on the podcast that I'm like okay. I've always wanted to be this character and like I always looked up to this character and then now I'm like I can't remember any of those. Yes really funny like my brothers. Aissa play <hes> streetfighter ally and I always played Charnley because I always really lake because in that time when that came out when I was playing it in the nineties to be a thick woman and to be a powerful woman that was just not seen there are a lot of like being very thin was very in not having a huge like muscle mass like was very popular so dow is kind of where my mind was. I guess that's one of them and another one I guess was really into charmed growing up yeah yeah and buffy the vampire slayer like both of those and so characters in that I would look up to very often say okay. I want to be like paper yeah. I guess I was looking a lot more of like some other things I mean you know there's yeah fictional characters and more of a sense like not superpowers but yeah I mean they had to deal with regular everyday things you know yeah. You have to give me men in black on getting out. Superpowers behead like super was that doesn't that you know anybody. I want available lsu right. What's another people like that? You don't always have to be super. I was just my mind went. Straight mortal combat. I always thought was really cool. She doesn't have superpowers or does she. I mean they're a little bit super. There are like super powerful but yeah like <hes> who else who else think of a T._v.. Show that does like I mean supernatural. They don't have superpowers fight supernatural things but growing up you wanted to be one of the characters irritation supernatural absolutely not I thought that show well okay so I watch supernatural which actually remember how old I was when it came out yeah young enough to look up to somebody here but when I watched it like they were okay cool. They weren't that cool. What was mostly cool was like you know the creatures? They'd bring it'd be like Oh man. Nobody ever like hunts werewolves in T._v.. Show like that wasn't a thing right <hes> at the time and you know it captured a good audience or whatever with that and then the story got good when they went through the whole like Satan thing and then they were like well like you know you're like okay yeah. These are cool well-developed characters. You could look them you know but I never even watched it that far. I don't think the first time like there's some inkling of what was going on. Maybe it was like the first episode where like cash showed up or something and then I watching it Kinda so so I missed got a lot on that too. I think yeah just think cool good ones that had like some people that were slightly more like normal people like I used to watch stargate as she won with my mom yeah and I really he wanted to be like I thought Jack O'Neill was so cool but I also thought that Egypt Carter likes meant the Carter was really cool so both of those together I always looked up with and I was like I think I'm going to I mean my mom really tried to push this kind if idea but I was like maybe we can work for the government is like an archaeologist or something which I think is a lot more like whatever don't think their government archaeologists but yeah there. Are there actually like a lot of like antropologist archaeologists that work for the government mostly anthropologists but this one St. Archaeologists. I don't think there's whatever this was like the option in the nineties so this is where I got my inspiration for that yes and they do have. I have another one I do. I do like this characters. Good Yeah and definitely colonel. O'Neill is like a good wrong role model type character for sure share and I loved I mean I loved all of the actors in that. Ah by Richard Dean Anderson was just so amazing and that and so I think it's more like I want to be Richard Dean Anderson but another one that popped into my head was farscape and I always really liked <unk> Aaron and I thought she was cool. Yeah I'll say also now. I'm thinking about it more yeah because you know the more you think about this. I think it does actually kind of come to mind more power Rangers Power Rangers were cool people. I did also the thought while we were talking about Ellen Ripley probably my biggest from the Aliens Alien Series Yada Yada Anthology so Ellen Ripley is probably my number one yeah Mike one of my favorite films growing up. I like it. Is there some getting it tastes. Okay what else what else the next one is if you could live in one fictional universe which would it it be. I mean one for okay so I always liked to imagine in any fictional universe right like day to day activities. You're not fighting freeze every day. You're not so like what world would it be super cool to live in day to day and all like an every go on your commute you can sleep. You can do fun stuff like that right but you can do in some cool away yeah. She may not every day and you may not even beat. That's my biggest thing with like if I was to say the the world of Harry Potter it's your normal one. I was GonNa say actually where you could do fun stuff yeah but I'm thinking like I would. There's a potential that you'd still be fucking muggle and now attack. You wouldn't know that you're even in that universe well. I think like we're talking like where you would be able to K._O._A.. Yeah Yeah I'm still yeah so like you would be a wizard or I mean even if you're a muggle who cares right but if you lived in that world that you're living in now yeah so then who cares so you either get the good stuff or you live the same life it now if you get to choose world year wizard in that world okay so that'd be the one that'd be the one I think would be the coolest. You won't have to wipe your ass. You can waive your want right and we'll do for you. Yeah that'd be cool <hes> you'd have like and you know like I think there are some sort of level in the Harry Potter world the wizard world of Harry Potter where they're kind of led lights and they rely on like the magic too much. I would want to see a world where way more advanced than that I can. I drive my Tesla and be a magic person right. <hes> you know why can't I be on my laptop googling shit or being stuff sorry being guess sponsor now being stuff and also like way maiwand and get a cup of tea right like I don't have to be like disconnected from the real world technology to right just because I'm a wizard so I think that would be the <hes> w cool thing you'd be like you know commute on a bus and have cool little Dope newspaper with moving pictures right. Theoretically you do anything in that world right any magic stuff yeah all sorts of magic so probably for me. I'm like really trying to think about it but I think it'd be really cool to live in like the magic the gathering setting like Ravn Ika like in within the guild so there's all these different cool guilds you can live in the whole premise of the magic gathering setting is kind of traveling between worlds us. He could travel basically to any world yeah exactly whatever they're called planes walker playing soccer yeah and so I'd like to be playing swagger in the world magic the gathering so 'cause that the just really cool 'cause I mean there's all these different scrapes where it's like four issed and island I and water and planes and I mean they're obviously like Swanson all the areas that you don't really want to be in like soap and fire like I maybe WanNa avoid those but like all the other areas area is just look so beautiful and seem like really cool and the people that you'd interact with are really cool. I mean obviously some of them are very hostile and like in the game but I think that that would be cool. You know I'm thinking another kind of COOL WON'T BE POK Mon World Really Cool Yeah because then you get pokemon right exactly which is why the live action peachy is pretty cool I yeah I thought it was really cool. Because then you actually do get to you really think about what kind of Poggi mine you would have and what kind of lifestyle you would live 'cause like I think it was inside the city you live with Pokemon but outside of the city get like they just kind of roam freely and you don't really interact with them so like which world would you wanna even live so some people are posting on a threat on red at here about the same topic fan fantasy world. I feel like a lot of the ones right you know yeah. You have magic you. Have you know the world is usually ending like some evil person trying to take over something right okay so like with this premise that we are not. We don't get to pick our path so we go with that premise right so we don't get to pick wizard. We don't get to pick if we're like super cool and file fantasy or whatever yeah or even pick one from Gilmore no more girls I would to oh my gosh. I live in stars in what you're GonNa do have a nice cool casual. I could walk every talk really fast. Everybody's like Super Chill <hes> yeah it's all local tourism and trying to increase everybody's living like a beard Connecticut lifestyle best idea you've ever had Seattle before anybody tries to say that place could exist it does not does not exist. He liked it on their way. A town that sleepy and small and awesome exists in America today anymore well in like in the remake too like they said I was just like overrun with tourism and stuff but not even as much as people think it would be like right now and it's like no it'd be like literally overrun like nobody would be able to get in all the bed and breakfast would be you Khalil overrun like tourists in every cafe only know regulars everybody would live out on a farm like miles away to get away from all the like people touring incoming in so yeah. That was a good question. I like that one that was good. What about this one? Is there any fandom. Your partner is obsessed with that. You just can't get behind yeah no no. I can't think of any any we all know this and I mean you bring breaking Dhabi. You're not really a part of the Phantom but you know that's what I'm saying like. I don't think there's any phantoms. I don't really love the punisher you contrary. I haven't been able to get. I like Voltron but I don't like it. As much as you like Voltron yeah and I can't like I haven't been able to stay right. Will you just have in lake watched trying to watch the IT cartoon series like a couple of times busy yeah and they just get busy and I'm just like okay. I'm just not GonNa Shot GonNa you. Don't love true crime. Yes that's true I do think it's stupid and our central over-sensational as is yeah Blah Blah. I I agree with that too because I think like right now. It has always been. I think that this is the problem with people that think that true crime is a new thing that women and just people in general are obsessed with sleep. No people have been obsessed with.

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