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Performance line. Mike golic. Mike Golic junior. Trey wingo here with you. We got a lot to get to coming up this hour. We got an a lot of college basketball to go through as we continue get set for the second half of the elite eight coming through tonight and the things that were happening. A last night. They got some teams to already, but I have to say it just warms the cockles of my heart. But see the two of you over there. Swinging a golf club talking about golf. I just feel like in some way, shape or form. I've had an influence on your life. Yeah. Well, I don't know if it's been you. But over the last couple of years you as of late I've been getting more and more into it. And I'll start playing a little bit more. It's called. It's a middle aged white guy, gene. About this time mutates at this point in your life, and it just automatically gravitates towards a golf a golf club. Has you start saying GMT more frequently when referencing your gin and tonic God? Yes. And after a nice nine holes a refreshing, gene, t sitting at the bar is just scrumptious. I didn't think I go down this road. But I'm starting to go down this road. I'm of tired of hearing you talk about how good you are. Darius Rucker talking about how good he is the guy. He's really good. He's real. Israel. I am going to take. I would say probably maybe by the end of the summer. I'll be better than both of you. Okay. All right. Yeah. Challenge. Extended going you're trying to learn golf the way I wanted to learn everything in college, which is by sleeping on top of the book and getting it through Osmo by hanging around trae every day and talking to Darius that you'll golf Osmo says yourself into being better. Listen respect the play if it works. It works. That's all the matter. So we're hopefully going to play a little golf this weaken a watch a little bit of the match-play. But of course, we have a lot to get into in the NCAA tournament, including the somewhat shoulder. Shrug question. Mark controversial end to the Tennessee Purdue game last night. Well, I mean, this is a game. If you didn't see that Purdue control. I mean, Tennessee had the lead a minute and twenty one into the game three two two. And that didn't take the lead again until five minutes ago in the game. And all the way to the point where they had a three point lead with five minutes ago. And then this game was tied up before grant Williams, put back dunk with eight seconds to go. Now, all of a sudden, Tennessee. She comes all the way back and is leading this game by two there's a couple of seconds left. And everybody is looking for Carson Edwards for Purdue out of. I think they wanted to be inside. I it was an inbound right under the basket looking inside. But then got close to the five second count for the inbounding the ball got it to Edwards. He put up a shot. They Turner comes down from trying to block it and catches Carson Edwards in the body. Saw foul is called. So Carson Edwards with one point seven seconds to go steps in line his team down to with three free throws. You wanna talk about singing home washing? Oh, my God the pressure. All you do all year all the practices all the free. Throws everything you try and do now it comes down to advance in the tournament. You have to make at least two of them to keep going on. And that's exactly what he did. He made two out of the three. It goes to overtime where Purdue takes control and ends up. Getting the win. They were the better team last night. Definitely deserved. The win. From start to finish. I mean, it was one of those that it being as close as it was at the end of the game was a testament to Tennessee. And all the great things that we had heard about Rick Barnes, and Admiral Scofield and the mental makeup of this team. Who else would you want in that situation? You know as a teammate, that's all you could ask for we talked about this before and the pressure situations that you find yourself into in sports, which would you most and least like to be a part of. Well, the one thing you always want. Is you always want your best guy like as a team sitting there and looking at Carson Edwards on the line? You had to be going. All right. That's the guy like we're moving on. There's the utmost confidence in someone like that. Because you know, he's a star for you in every aspect. That's why we brought up before. And you mentioned this in all the situations. Whether it's a five foot putt to win the masters, whether it's a penalty kicking soccer or hockey or whether it's a field goal in the NFL like at least with that. I've seen you produce every pressure setting for Fuego kicking. Now. That's all you got. That's right. One thing. It's your one moment. And it got Cody parkey out of Chicago this past playoff. Yeah. But but to the point about the end of that game. There was the foul or not foul and people have been split on this. Rick Barnes, the Tennessee coach was asked after the game. Whether or not he thought that was a foul, and he basically said, yeah, I don't see what the issue is. It was a foul. You know, the shot he missed the shot and Lamont they hit him after the shot, and that's a tough play. Because again, we knew what I think actually they were trying to work something inside was close to a five second Cowboys even think they got that in. No, they got him because I saw it. But. Being a competitor. That he is. I went up and the ball was gone. It was three feet out his hand when he when he hit him. And we know the rule you got allow the shooter to come back down, and it's a tough one. Because in that situation. We know we can't foul there. They've got to make shot at we wouldn't have been in the situation to come back to that game. If it wasn't for a long time. All right. So that was Rick Barnes. He didn't think it was a found that we had Seth Greenberg on earlier in the day. And we asked him whether or not or he was a foul excuse me, we asset whether or not he thought that was a foul committed by Tennessee. And here was his opinion. He's been he's been historic on. Each must see TV just wrong here. We in real time. I saw his leg out. And then when they showed a replay. I said, no right call you gotta give them a place slaying. But that's just a rolling. He took out his hips. And when you get into the hips, not the leg, it's a foul in, you know, it's a tough tough way. I mean, they still had a chance after that obviously going into overtime. Well, that's the thing. You're overtime. Obviously. It's back. It's kind kinda like that NFC championship game as bad as that non call. Was you going overtime? Everybody has a chance. Again. This thing's all even down. Yeah. And that's where usually well. The other thing with that is usually at that point the better team ends up willing out you had your chance your stat fair. And that's why Tennessee even though they're not saying publicly. I'm sure feels job a little bit behind closed doors. I'm sure they do at some point. But the other thing if you missed our interview with Seth Greenberg. Go check out the entire interview.

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