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If you're a regular YouTube user, and you like to keep up with the latest car reviews. The Jerry does subscribe to our YouTube YouTube channel where it car pro USA and just looking at the stats lately in the last month or so the Mercedes Benz AM. G L C six sixty three s coupe. Is already the most watched review that you've done in up since the Mercedes Benz e four fifty cabriolet review month ago. There you go car pro USA is brought to you by progressive drivers switched to progressive can save an average of six hundred and sixty eight dollars. That's a lot of money. And we go to Charlie and Austin, Texas, Charlie welcome. Good afternoon. Yes, sir. Two thousand eight or scape. I just minutes ago turned over two hundred and ten thousand miles on it. Original transmission engine, everything had nothing, but very all changes. Wow. Anyhow. Get ready to get rid of it by a. Ford explorer. What should I do with this escape to get rid of it? Trader Danner sounded out. Right. Well, obviously, you'll get more money. If you sell it out, right? It's not going to be drastically more. There is a sales tax advantage in Texas when he tried to car in you only pay diff-, the different towns absence thing look. Parents charlie. Actually, actually still looks pretty good believe it or not. Beat up and garaged. It's been garage. The only thing that scares me about selling the car yourself, especially one in that price range is because the best place on Craigslist and Craigslist it's dangerous. I mean, it just all kinds of bad things happen. I think if you go over and see Jeff Bill Johnson Ford. He's the general sales manager is a good friend of mine. He'll give you top dollar for it. I don't know what that is. But. It'll be more than fair, and it'll be real easy. D who's who's trying to trade for car since he's got a new car sale on the line? They're going to step up because they want to sell car. That's why they go in there every day. So talk to Jeff lissi what it'll do, you know used SUV still bring pretty good? Yeah. They bring good money. And it's got a lot of things wrong with it. Yeah. But hell it's eleven years old. Yeah. They're not gonna care. They're not gonna care or there's a house island out anyway. Yeah. It'll go to the auction. It'll go the action, but they'll give you top dollar. They'll give you what they think it'll bring it auction. And and they know their use heartbeat will do this every day talk to Jeff and tell him I sent you. And you will be in great shape. I promise you that. You can get your VIP priority pass, Ed car pro USA dot com. Just click on certified dealers and back to Cleveland when we go, John welcome. Hi, I'm calling in reference to a two thousand seventeen Audi q seven that are also it's a really good car, regardless of the age about maybe a year ago. I had a problem with the heater brewer. So just stop working participated Audi dealership and day diagnosed it past the blower and through my second hand my second market warranty. Aftermarket war Cheech sixty. After putting a brewery, and they said that the resistor was bad. Also, right all day. Re-submitted order to my warranty company to replace the resistor for eight hundred dollars is what they quoted me the ward, you company declined they couldn't replace it. Because the place a heater Brooks, and they felt like the dealership misdiagnosed it, and they wasn't going to pay for it. So I said, okay, I'll come out of my pocket. I trust save up eight hundred thousand to replace myself. Meanwhile, in the insurance, I decided to order a resist or off line ordered a brand new. What's the twenty three bucks? Charlie card charged me like three hundred four I decided to look all go beyond my dashboard and put it on myself in doing that I discovered that the resistor was plugged. The discovery that I've just simply plugged to resist. Works. Just. Eaten everything came on? I was utterly amazed automatically knew instantly that the dealership. Plovdiv resistor and tried to bilk me for number eight hundred dollars. Now, my question to you, Gary is do I have any legal ramifications that I can pursue from that? Is there anything to do? Irreverence to them doing that to me or attempting to do that to me, or is it just something? I just gotta chalk up as experience. Well, you can't prove it. That's the problem. If you were you could zoom it small-claims. But now you're gonna it's gonna be a he said, she said, you say they unplugged it they say, they didn't unplug it. They're going to say that you on plugged it. Or the you accidentally unplugged or something? I mean, it's not worth your time. The lesson here is don't go back there. Don't do business with day. I if I am to two thousand seven model anything I would never go to a dealership how would find it a good garage and use them and save a whole lot of money because the difference in the labor rates is huge. I hear that leadership. I hate to thought that analogy dealership might do that. But, you know, hey, car dealers are just like every other profession out there. Police officers doctors whatever there's good and bad in every profession you found a bad one. So don't go back there. I wouldn't pursue it lessons learned. Just don't go back. It's it's it's kinda that simple. You know, what they call the doctors the doctors that finishes last in his class, doctor, Dr that's right? And let's go to Houston and talk to Steve Steve, welcome. Hey, Jerry, I gone on behalf of my brother. And I listen to you every week. It's always informative and entertaining thinking when I'm not in the in the market, but I got a text yesterday. And he's he's gonna be in the market in about forty five days. And he was looking at a Nissan, and he goes, you know, anything about him. I said, no, but go on the car pro USA dot com shirt Jerry review on it. So our online myself yesterday look at new reviewed that big hole in twenty seventeen. Yeah. That's right. Hi reviews, and I wanna know if anything has changed since then and what other vehicle in that class. You might want to look at Moreno. The one thing that I remember about the Merano's. It's been couple years. It's a seats. The seats were designed by NASA believe it or not and boy, they are really comfortable, especially if you've got back problems is he looking at you going to be looking at a new one or two going back a few years. No. He's gonna to buy new ones. Okay. I don't know of anything or suggested I made was you might want to see if there might be a certified us when when you get ready. Yeah. The only problem with that is the SUV used SUV market is so hot right now. With my connections at. When you look at new at the car pro show price versus CPO, sometimes there's not much difference because of how high the used SUV market is right now. I've watched them auction prices this week. And I gotta tell you boils any kind of SUV is is bringing a lot of money. I would also say look at having look at the explore. It's been a great vehicle. It's about the same size the sort of remind me of each other and a lot of different ways. So let's do that. Let's see if he wants to Morongo. That's great choice. But the ten.

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