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The highest dwelling and sadly that boy died the sister by the way was taken to the hospital she has some smoke inhalation should be okay looks like the family dog died as well both highland park and detroit firefighters on the scene now still some hotspots here and again it's very sad situation the family just finding out that the 12yearold boy died in the fire reporting live here in highland park charlie langton w j newsradio nine fifty lee said new kensington pennsylvania are looking for twenty nine you would romailah sell holte's wanted in the connection in the fatal shooting of a rookie police officer porter lynn hayes freeland hold has a lengthy criminal record in the last ten years he's been arrested on drug charges aggravated and simple assault carrying a gun without a licence reckless endangerment the other person now police believe hope took the life of an officer who had in a few short months the come a big part of their police families shooting happened not about eighteen miles from pittsburgh twentyfiveyearold officer brian shaw was shot after a traffic stop said to him pursuing someone on foot the president of the united states lashing out this morning at marchand lynch the president tweeting this morning quote mouthwashon lynch of the nfl's oakland raiders stands for the mexican anthem and sits down to boost for our national anthem great disrespect next time the nfl should suspend him for the remainder of the season attendance and writings way down tony has more in sports coming out the fbi is investigators after one us customs and border protection agency died in another obviously injured while on duty in south texas aged ra helio martinez and his party would taken to a hospital saadi uh they were hurt while responding to in the big bend area the 36yearold martinez died at a hospital the agency has not released details.

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