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Lindberg of the wringer joined by meg rally of graphs who just finished her chat with grass readers. And now we'll be chatting with be hello mic so i wanted to express my sympathy for blue jays fans for a second before we get to emails and the stat last because as fans and the bluejays are having a pretty tantalizing offseason but also an agonizing offseason like the ratio of rumors to done deals has to be higher for the blue jays than any other team that i was thinking of this wednesday because the blue jays signed their president and ceo mark shapiro to a five year extension. And they're reasons to be pleased about that. I'm sure but that's not really the move. That blue jays fans have been wanting and waiting and hoping for the team to make they want some big star free agent. And the jay's got the offseason started when they resigned robbie ray to a one year deal but that's it that is the only major league move they've made so far and of course there's plenty of time for them to make a major move or to still because as we were saying yesterday there many attractive free agents still unsigned but bluejays came into this winter with pretty high expectations which they set themselves like back in november ross atkins their. Gm said much like last year when we were active and to categorize it as aggressive is relatively fair. We will do that again this year and continued doing it until we are in a position where we're contending year in and year out and then in december shapiro reaffirmed that and he said there's uncertainty in the budget but not as it pertains to major-league payroll. He said whether it's four very good players or two elite players quote. I'm a hundred percent confident. We will get better so they probably still well but the clock is ticking. And i don't know if you've noticed but the blue jays have been connected to just about every player who has signed or traded and every player. Who is not yet signed. But we'll be at some point. I was just browsing the. Mlb trade rumors bluejays tag and you have to click like more posts like ten times to get to the beginning of the obvious and even though they haven't really done anything so just kinda running down the list that. I hope i'm not missing anything here. But the bluejays have been rumored to be talking to the cubs about a kris bryant trade. They've been one of the most. Active teams in expressing interest in george springer. That's been going on for eight years now and it's been like six or seven weeks since they were reported to have quote progressed beyond just talking with finger. Whatever that means. Generally i did it. I didn't expect this time. Maybe it means they made some sort of offer say connected to dj with mayhew supposedly. They're super interested in him. They've been connected to trevor. Bauer whom they met with were said to be meeting with what else they were. Reportedly the runner up in the francisco endure sweepstakes so supposedly they made a ceiling player offered deal but it was players who were on the whole less major league ready than the players the mets offered and so they didn't get endore what else they were interested in hendrix whom we talked about yesterday signed with the white sox hendrix is a former j. and he lives near the team's training camp in florida still so just last week. It was reported that he visited their complex which seemed like it might be the prelude to a deal but it wasn't as it turned out they made an offer to sugano the great japanese starter. Who decided to stay in japan. They also made an offer to hassan. Kim before san diego signed him and supposedly they made him a five year offer so they were really neck and neck in the running for both of those players with the padres they also reportedly offered kevin gassman forty million dollars ish the oath before he accepted san francisco's qualifying offer. So they've been in everyone and if you're a boot as fan you must have just been getting like alerts said push notifications system. i'll offseason. it's like right it's happening. We're getting this guy and then time after time after time they've come in second or third or just missed out on those players and so yellow mayhew still out there and bauer springer's still out there and i would guess that they would get at least one of those guys but thus far it's been sort of a lucy charlie brown football situation for them. Yeah it's shocking if only because there hasn't been that much activity and so them to be you know so often left at the altar is terrible. I'm not gonna further that but for them to so often lose out and seemingly by just a smidge is surprising because it doesn't seem like there's been that much to lose out on. I think that ultimately a team that is motivated to improve through free agency is likely to get what it wants because it can spent it can just spend and they seem committed to doing that and there are still as you've noted a number of very good free agents on the market who fit roster needs on their part yet does have to be extremely frustrating for fans and for members of the bluejays front office. Who i'm sure sitting there going. We're trying to do the thing that everyone says we should be doing. We're trying to do it. Just let us pray. Yeah like it has to be encouraging that they are trying to do this or at least that it's reported that they are because there have been previous winters when they weren't and they weren't really may be in the position to make that big push and then last winter they got hunching view and it seemed like they would continue to do that. They're trying it really. Seems like they're trying but it takes more than just the team being willing to sign a player being interested in player it also takes out getting all the other teams that are trying to sign trade for that player. Takes convincing that player to come to your team so easier said than done even if you are actually trying to do it. So i don't know for the sake of bluejays fans. I hope that they get one of their targets. At least just 'cause that's an exciting young team and they've got a lot of players who were really fun to watch and obviously it's a competitive division and they need to keep pace or catch up with those other teams so yeah hopefully one of these days. One of these dominoes that false will be going to the blue jays. Well and i think also takes free agents being willing not only to come to your team but to come to your team right now and i think that when much of the market is still pretty tepid and frozen. It's it's unsurprising that that things would take a little. While even for the teams that are keen to be active because fewer free agent. And you're sitting there with your your agent an agent agent camera And you're trying to sort out where you're going to sign. You wanna have a complete sense of what your options are. And i imagine that that isn't sort of fully realized for a lot of guys right now because the market has been so slow. So i i hope that their patients is rewarded. Because you said that is a that is a good fun team. And i think that there are a lot of pieces that are really compelling and we've said for a long time that you know what you what you need around that young core are some some good role players and a couple more marquee stars and it feels like they're pretty close to being in a position to you know really make a make a statement even if they have to play in buffalo yen which seems likely. Maybe that's the problem. I think that might be part of the problem..

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