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WBZ news eighty three degrees and mostly sunny ground fishermen who. Were assigned at sea monitors by Noah will be eligible for reimbursement Noah fisheries announced today that they'll be covering the full costs for the seat monitoring program for the two thousand eighteen fishing year the agency also said it'll reimburse ground fishing sectors an. Additional twenty five percent of the monitoring costs were the two thousand seventeen fishing year bringing. The total reimbursement for that. Year to about, eighty five percent congressman William Keating says. The expense of the program will likely dwindle in the future as a result of pass legislation that put him in an in the Magnuson Stevens pass the house to require that Noah, begins to implement video monitoring because it's better it's more effective and it saves. Money then that money was being paid by the fishermen monitoring program began in twenty Fifteen to ensure fishing vessels were adhering to strict quota limits the monitors can be costing up to four hundred. Dollars per, day, the man who escaped gunfire New Bedford cabdriver he and another, man were suspected of trying to rob has been ordered held without. Bail twenty eight year old Kyle Dawson will face a dangerousness hearing on August. Twentieth after pleading not guilty yesterday to charges to the attempted armed robbery of a cabbie on Friday August tenth prosecutors say Dawson. And Twenty-four-year-old Christopher Dunton we're in the, back of. A cab on Bentley street early that morning when they placed the cabdriver chokehold and threatened. Him with a knife demanding money the driver was able to escape. The hold and shot Dunton four times killing him well Dawson was able to flee Bristol County DA Thomas Quinn says the driver has a valid licensed to carry Dawson was arrested later that afternoon the city of New Bedford has been informed by the. State health department that the West Nile virus has been detected in a mosquito sample found. In the city the mayor's Office. Says the sample was found in. The area of oak grove cemetery on Parker street Bristol County. Will conduct ground spraying and the early morning hours of this Thursday. In the area of oak grove as well as in New Bedford city parks WBZ news time is four zero five in sports the Red Sox make the. Final stop and there are three city road trip tonight in Philadelphia first pitch at seven oh five the pregame show begins at six twenty forecast for, tonight a few, showers better chance to be at. The coast around seventy tomorrow partly sunny mixed the Senate clouds wherever you wanna call it overall a dry day and a little less humid but still. Very warm though temperature topping out in the mid to upper eighties for the ABC..

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