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And you know he may be able to get it congressional democrats now that they've got control of the senate thinks you georgia Want to get rid of these State and local option state strike to make a state and local taxes the salt state and local taxes ban in the trump tax breaks you donald trump when they restructure the tax code. They got rid of salt where you could deduct your state and local taxes on your federal income taxes that disproportionately hurt rich. People in new york and california into the democrats are begging to add a tax break back. That helps those rich people in new york and california and people like andrew cuomo. They're doing their best and they're probably going to be able to do it with joe manchin. Who has suddenly in demand. He's all over the news he's been on. Msnbc cnn fox news abc. I think he's on the today show with Meet the press with chuck. Todd i think for his evening show and all over what what is joe. Manchin what he suddenly the most powerful man in washington you know. John roberts has to be upset. Poor old john roberts to the supreme court he had perfectly positioned himself in a long come. The senate democrats they get a fifty fifty senate georgia republicans. Don't show up to vote. Hand the democrats the senate seats in georgia for two years. And joe manchin silly becomes the most powerful men in washington really fascinating to see and now they all want him he has said he's not going to get rid of the filibuster but he's also said he's okay with statehood for puerto rico and maybe for dc. He does not want five thousand. Two thousand dollar checks Sit out contrary to joe. Biden joe biden. You know they ran the campaign explicitly saying if you give us the senate in georgia we will give you two thousand dollars in taxpayer money voters and now they're not going to get that two thousand dollars. Joe manchin says no deal We got to focus on the vaccine. Not on on two thousand dollars. Joe mansion is the most powerful man in washington. Right now joe manchin can make or break the bite administration and he wants it his way and you know preserving the filibuster helps him. Because then you gotta do. Susan collins Susan collins gets negotiating room as long as the as long as the filibusters in place. Joe biden joe mansion is the most powerful man in washington. Dc hello there. It's here here and here the full number. If you want to call in eight seven seven nine seven eric..

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