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Lambeau. No. No. No mickey. Nope. No. Yes. It is Mickey okay? Mickey then football coach Gil Landry Mickey dole and Mickey dole. There's no football coach named Dolan for. New York Knicks. How? Last name if you want to have a sports reference that would be the sports reference the last name of the owner of the New York Knicks seriously, Michael Dolan. He's horrible. And it's also the Bishop it's also the frigging archbishop or whatever out New York Timothy Dolan who by the way is about to go down hired in a series of sex scandal. The only way I would like to see him is fucking hung in a town square. I want to see them feet tip tap in the clouds. They're all disgusting showed up stupid as what was that? Ben. He went to the Windsor with some festival. No, he gave the met gal to it. No. I did he go really went to fuck all over the horse. Dress like pokes in priests. Schickel suck my dick. He was literally covered in jewels. Anyway. All right. Well, we got a couple of fun news stories, we do should we start? Would you want to do this one where this dog it was a bulldog and was named biggie? Smalls that's super jets, really cute. And according to the friend of the person, we'll get into what happened here in a second. But according to a friend of the bulldog who was a person friend of the bulldog. Yes, they said that the bulldog was extremely sweet really kind ever heard. Fly. So why are we talking about this? This is just the testimony about a wonderful bulldog. I wish it was. But no, what happened was its owner. This twenty two year old guy who refuses to give his name wants to remain anonymous. I wonder why because he's peanut butter all over his balls. And then the dog ate is ball's. Okay. And then he's in a coma now. So we'll so he does it so much refused to give his own name. It's his family who is deeply embarrassed. Yeah. This is according to the police, which you can imagine like they got some real crimes to solve that. They got this one. I gotta go to carve open the belly of this cute. Little. Oh, okay. So the guy says so this is a court into the police. He says the man applied peanut butter or another food spread to. It's right. I like the term of ply. The dog. Like, he carefully dollops it just drunkenly splattered and smell peanut butter all over his balls. So in the moments before he was attacked the victim was rushed to the Edinburgh. Royal Infirmary Scottish. Yes, it's Scottish, but his genitals could not be reattached after the molly's Dole's eight can you call center conclusively Moi fill into the bull. Get sick a new moon because you'd get active pass. God, the Scottish are wonderful people, honestly, very creative. So but what happened to the dog? So he chewed his balls off after a while he was trying to fuck and McConnell Linke make cuddling on himself so dog, I guess, so I don't know if he was enticing the dog to come after. I know what I'm going to say is this is not the dogs fault. The dog was just following orders. Technically. So what happened you put the banality of evil on the knock biggie? Smalls this cute little pup. He was found covered in blood. And then he was restrained, and he was taken to kennels taken to multiple kennels. And then later he was put to sleep in a spokesperson told or a spokesperson for the police said the owner of the dog, which is believed to have been involved has voluntarily signed documentation consenting to the destruction of the animal. Course it did because you did hospital but for kill eight minutes you fuck you. You know, what's going to happen?.

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