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Two kids. And when I get to work in the precinct house and put on my uniform, I can tell you, as a police officer, we're building partnerships. This should be happening everywhere, so the police should be reaching out to this community. And this community should reach out to the police. That's the way to make this a safer place. Start the conversation that helps stop crime, to learn the 5 things you can do, go to NCPC dot org slash prevent violent crime, a message from the national crime prevention council in a bureau of justice assistance. This is WTO news. It's three 22 Democrats and fairfax county have nominated Holly seibold as their candidate and a special election to fill an open seat in the Virginia House of delegates. Delegate marquin a 6 term Democrat is stepping down for a job of the Biden administration. So I vote a former fairfax county school teacher will face voters in a special election in January. District 35, which include maclean, Tyson Dunn loring, and other parts of fairfax county has been in democratic hands since 2003. The chair of the Montgomery county planning board is denying accusations in the latest chapter to unfold at the agency facing controversy. Planning board chair Casey Anderson strongly denies contents of a leaked email, which accuses him of creating a hostile workplace, Bethesda magazine says Anderson says the allegations are false and he will not be resigning as chair of the planning board. Anderson was reprimanded recently by the Montgomery county council and stripped of four weeks pay when the council learned he had kept a well stocked liquor cabinet in his office, according to Maryland matters. The director of the planning board Gwen Wright was ousted by the board Friday two months before scheduled retirement, particularly on WTO P news

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