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Those things people. Tell you, you have to do that. You don't really want to let you really suspect you don't really have to do. We're getting past the lies in office Gatien's with a segment we call do I have to this week? We ask do we have to stick with the habit for twenty one days. Fortunately, we have Dr Ben Gardner to answer this question for us. Dr Gardner is the senior lecturer in psychology at King's College in London. His research includes developing an applying theory to understand change behavior with a focus on habit. Theory. Here's what he had to say about the twenty one day habit claim you might have heard that it takes twenty one days to form a habit, actually, very next to support in the nineteen sixties. There was a book that was published by an American plastic surgeon, Dr Maxwell malts and within book. He argued that among his plastic, surgery, patients, it seemed to type them twenty one days to get used to that new appearance. He then went on to say that it seems to take around three weeks to get used to living in a new. The house. That is the sole evidence base, as far as I can tell full of his claim detects twenty one dice to make a habit. Now, what's, particularly notable about that is, that's not actually habit formation. As people think about when we think about habit. We think about something that we do want semantically. We do repetitively and what Maxwell malts was writing about was, what psychologists cool habituation, which is getting used to something is not the same as habit formation which is turning a behavioral action into something that you repetitively automatically, but not the Maxwell, most did not say anything about breaking habits yet it seems that it's this is twenty one day figure has entered into popular culture as the magic number was Gossett, not only how long it takes to make havoc. But also how long it takes to break habit..

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