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You're travelling links live feed option lets you monitor your home and checking on pets from anywhere using the blink smartphone app. No contracts. No subscription, totally affordable and blink works. With Alexa, link camera systems make great gifts in there. A brilliant way to monitor your package deliveries. Visit blinkprotect dot com slash Stephanie. That's blinkprotect dot com slash Stephanie. Protect your home the way I do. I recommend blinkprotect dot com slash Stephanie. One more time blinkprotect dot com slash Stephanie, the smartest thing I ever did for my home. Visit blink. Protect dot com slash Stephanie. Blink is an Amazon company. This is w CPT's art of the city. We let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts coming up on Thursday, February seven from four fifteen to six forty five pm as the LeRoy Neiman censor thirty seven south Wabash avenue. The school of the Art Institute Chicago presents conversations on art and science often, we think that the material world in terms of static stabile objects with fixed boundaries and predictable properties technological and artistic innovations as well as environmental and sustainability concerns are challenging conventional notions about materials and highlighting the limitations of static object thinking as a professor of chemistry Cassandra, Frazier's lab investigates, luminescent boron dies imaging and sensing these die show potential as dynamic media. Not just for science and medicine, but also for art and design as environmental reporters and renewable inks. For more information, go to as a ic- dot EDU. Slash events. NHL star. Matt Martin for American humane. I've had my fair share bruises and injuries for many who put their lives on the line every day. It's not always injuries..

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