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It was like, you know, he looks at the camera, and it's like basically like winks at the camera. Hey, guys. I'm about to kick some ass. Come watch. I'm pretty sure they did at least two parts where they slow motion where they had him look at the camera and they guitar riff. Would start it would stop and go back to him. And it'd be like meaner. Now, let me reiterate than if if ROY doesn't agree. I think that momoa can't act all that. Well, and I think the overstuffed it 'cause. 'cause has charisma, but I think it's physically you need. I don't think he can act like the parts where he's like. I don't think I might think I'm worthy doing this. I'm like, bro. Shut the fuck. It just it doesn't work all flat, you know, by the. But that's why he's always there. Somebody else with them where you put Willem Dafoe and Patrick Wilson. You know, he's gonna honestly I thought amber heard was was pretty terrible a little. Here's a weird made the movie terrible more than it should have is the music. I think that the music score being there, and like all of a sudden changing tone for when it's supposed to be a romantic part. Yeah. Yeah. It was. So audible that they were trying to manipulate your emotions at you're like, do this is like TV level music going like music. He was happening. They don't feel like I'm watching Dawson's creek. You didn't appreciate pit bulls remake. Oh. Why? Shitty covers Toto's regular room. Yes. I fucking pip. And they all about the the musical the music. They played when black Manta's making his all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Suddenly it's montage spray painting a black. And he's like I'm going to need a bigger helmet. The fucking that was that was like jarring part like trying to think of things that work. But I keep thinking things that don't work like the fucking dialogue was hope had cheesy. Equal works Jason momoa, kicking people's asked. Yes. Yes. What else the accident? The flashbacks were. Okay. The training, you know of him. And whatever I think did this was the CG was great James wan spinning fight scene. Choreography stuff, but they overused. It. Yes. They did the overuse like the fact that there's like all of these the the us like the whole like the horsemen Mike Calvary thing or they're running. Like that becomes nothing after a while like you need to actually single out some people and see them face off a little bit. You know? I mean, if you watch like Braveheart the hour, you watch any of these movies that have these gigantic battles game of thrones. You can follow. Yeah. They they kind of pick out a few people, and you could see then they pull back and you see audition Cuban you can follow his action. Pretty well. I thought the the stuff in Sicily was very well. Shovels this great long track shot remind me of GI Joe GI. Joe? That's not a good movie. That's another thing that that this movie was like, the people like what would you compare this to remember GI, Joe the fucking movie where it was like it's legit like trying to be a toy like TV cartoon, and it was just an unapologetic about it. Yeah. This is the same thing. Joe the first one, right? Yeah. Accelerator sues. It reminded me of the alkyl man, suits or the under those whatever the fuck those suits were kept people alive on the on land. What else works for you? Or anything else? You can. I'm now I'm now thinking of oh. We don't want to. Negative. No. I just wondered remember I asked you. Why? So the whole movie like when they're flashing back and showing how he learned like how to swim and all this stuff, you get this..

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