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Justice plenty of maybe that is just seattle the fact that every single screen was snuffed out quickly and in those short passing routes he evil in need can be added i was forcing him to go to cobb instead of right more to adams and more to jordy all right tied ends that stood out it wasn't the big guys who was austin hooper jesse james jason wit and child you clay you hands who asks the austin hurts touchstone if you have not seen is eighty are touchstone you leave it was 88 yard was okay ice i apologise mr hooper 88 you have to go watch this i mean this giant man is lumbering field and probably running eight miles an hour and then just just crushes the soul of a db with a tries to tell he is stiffarm he pushes them into the ground it's it's an incredible player if you haven't seen it charles cleanse accurate were two of our three starts of the week at the tide imposition very happy to see them pan out do you buy into both going forward deckert's yes because he'll he'll get those targets and drowsy 93 trust clay i do buy into because plus or you can available through throw the ball the him i mean aid the to like you said that she's not a score sixteen touchdowns while he's going to be utilized in this offense anz i i think tie rod is a better quarterback than than the buffalo bills want people to think he is and he's a perfectly fine uh perfectly fine start i mean he he takes on caroline next week we saw george kindle have some success against them this in week once on i'm fine role mcclay.

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