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Line kept in there by a hello one billion was in front and the predators take a four three lead I'm hungry for a big mac don't know about you Forsberg spins around the Grimaldi first game in the block to the right circle and the predators have five on the board here tonight they go we pick it up it was three three in the second period member the predators that fell behind three one they get a filled Forsberg power play goal and then a Craig Smith is second of the night to even it up a three that's where we picked up back here in the post game show their McFarland here network control studios in natural Ryan pours behind the glass in indeed it looked like he was gonna be a Mateus at home call the blast from the shot from the point but it was Nick Bonino who slid in there got the tip and may feel was trying to to clear the zone on that play an ADCOM did a really good job of knocking it down and he fired it on through traffic and point in Benita was there in front and got the tips of Nick Bonino now leads the team again Forsberg video gone back and forth back and forth now Kelly aren't croak as we will find out a little bit later entering the end that race as well but Nick Bonino retakes the team lead in goals with his thirteenth and of course you heard people say it you get rewarded yeah you get rewarded with a big mac you get rewarded with a frosty all kinds of good things for tomorrow I'll tell you how to get that in just a minute so Nick Bonino thirteenth with just a minute thirty six left in the period and so the predators would grab back their first lead since leading one nothing after one period so up for three and then Rocco Grimaldi mains red hot he had a goal last night against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden in fact he was the only non defenseman to score in the five to win last night versus the Rangers now he's tied his career high in goals with five rocker molding that's his fifth with under a minute to go forty eight seconds to be exact in was a pass from Phil Forsberg who was at the top of the right circle Grimaldi and skated in to the bottom of the right circle in Pullach was sliding eagles Topshelf glove side on Grice in that's how the period would end predators leading five three so they would back on four goals in the second and what's crazy about this period and I hate to even bring up the game but probably a lot more people were thinking this as well thank you now is this the second period that we also all Saturday night against the stars predators grab the one of the lead in it was the short handed goal the kind of started everything in Dallas would tack on four goals in the second here you go islanders of the even strength goal Shorty a power play into thank you oh no and Pekka start but the day what nice response by the predators as after they fell behind three one they took control of the rest of the period and that's how the period would end five three predators in the lead and only eleven shots for the Highlanders nine for the predators so Nashville with five goals through two periods on fifteen shots the owners with three goals on twenty three shots that would do it for Tomas Grice his evening would be done Barlaam off would come in and play the third period so that's where we'll head you're now Johannson nice moved on the left side and quarterback Joe answer gives up right thank you first one kill him to set up in the right circle for the first time this year the islanders have given up six and the predators lead by three Yossi yarn croak young girl back D. O. C. D. O. C. and the one time off the goal post by Ryan Alice Ellis war who was in the net comes back to Alice you'll see now that one is.

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