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Caught ninety central Arizona retailers can re open next week however governor Doug Ducey tells them to keep smaller crowds of customers and to keep up curbside sales Michelle almond with the Arizona retailers association says she and her members are mixed about this I would like to see the economy get going I also fully believe in following the rules and following the law and in the name of public health Allman adds not all businesses feel comfortable re opening with the pandemic still threatening safety of workers and customers others want to recoup their financial losses all right let's get a quick check on those roadways right now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center if we say hello to Josh K. well we've got a crash showing up northbound seventeen at anthem we expect heavy delays in the area here and there's a seven mile backup then forty Third Avenue was shut down for accident investigation work between highland and Glen Rosa Avenue avoid the area with thirty Fifth Avenue fifty First Avenue or Grand Avenue instead look out for another crash at the intersection of forty fourth street and Thomas this report is sponsored by CBS to get free one to two day delivery of prescriptions in store essentials from CVS visit them online or call your local CVS to learn more restrictions apply online Josh K. K. C. A. R. news weather in the valley right now it's warm ninety six and sunny headed for ninety nine later this afternoon low tonight sixty nine high.

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