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The bridges that crossed the trenches. And let me end by quoting my friend, soja Tucson, lost his son, Ben Osan in that charity. Subjects rejected any suggestion of revenge. And instead said this. Evil can only be defeated by kindness between people kindness. The months, courage. Muslim I keep going back to this idea in my mind that. A big part of me like I wouldn't want to be kind to them. Like, I I would I'd be angry. I would want apology from them. And I I'm just wondering why you do it. I mean, do you do you think it actually changes people's minds? I think it's changed. The people minds a lot of people when I show them respect always respect back. And I'm kindly. They always come back and do it because I really really low democracy. I think it's a very big problem that we talk so bad about the office. I love peace peace. We take peace for granted. But if you want peace you have to do something for peace peace is not something natural. It's because of that everyone try to tolerant ideology. I try to place to different mindset, you.

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