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Crowds gathered to witness that. Like like who thinks of giants washing ashore. Like that's so cool. I can't wait to watch this. Show whoever look up the director. I'm obviously not production company. I'm assuming i'm send email. Because i'm a writer i got i have wrote up. I've been doodling over the since i retired from football. i have some some episodes. You probably fit in the back of episodes acuff in fitness bunch of a short films. Here i love it i. I'll watching. I've been watching would be been watching a lot of nba playoffs Still getting through season too early on walking dead. you know. They're on this big highway big massive pile up coming through a girl runs away. They're trying to find her kid. Gets shot sorry spoiler alert if you're like me and haven't watched it even though it's been out for ten years john like a few episodes right trying to get the kids medical attention because there's a vet who's actually going to stitch up the the the sun so that's where i at at the walking dead but there is something to that's coming to. Hbo max this week here. It's not not out quite yet but tomorrow it's supposed to be. I don't know how big you were into tv series friends but they are going to reunite on. Espn max now okay Friends reunion streams on hbo. Max it's like behind the scenes type of stuff a big interview with the cast. Now and i know a lot of people have been waiting for friends reunion. It's not a new episode. But they'll be looking back. And i i know it's it's probably going to be awesome so if you're ever ended that tv series. Hbo max has friends at the reunion. I know a lot of people. I think everybody but me and my friends circle. He has lots. I watch it at night. You know late syndicated announce that everyone late at night and know most of the actors. They're big and now. Jennifer aniston is one of them never seen. She's been great on the big screen as well and it was a chandler. She's one of the characters and my man God yes. He's a funny actor and you. How many friends friends can you name. I got him on all the character's names. I just wanna know how many friends you can. Ross ross ross chandler. Ross perot chandler guy. You know one more guy. Hey how you doing. He says that. Oh joey joey. Yep the joey joey. And then the three. Ross chandler joey. I don't remember jennifer's I know what's her name. The one the blonde. She acts a little silly bill. What's your name She's like a psychiatrist. Oh god i can't think of her name. But i know her face. Okay know i know all their faces out. oh courtney. She was in. Ace ventura pet detective. Guys courtney soft courtney cox bernie fast widow dang it almost and now know jennifer aniston and in other blonde. So that's rachel rossin rossen rachel. Jennifer aniston is rachel monica. Was courtney cox and phoebe is the other. What's her name..

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