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Again. There's a why why you keep on anyway. Once onc- a device for charging storage batteries and to a horse for battle or parade. Maybe because you charge things on a horse so they call it a charger okay. So we had charged chargeable charge accounts charge card charge coupled device charged charge d'affaires charge hand. Charge off charge of quarters charger and charger. Not know about you but charged sound super weird now Let's see What am i going to pick. What am i going to pick. Let's see if there's lots of lots of variations of the word charge shahrzad fair. I'll pick that one. Just because it's a fun french word to say sharp-edged fair charged affair charged a fair okay. Today is may tenth. It is the twenty eighth day of ramadan in canada. It is national denim day in israel it is yum yum rouge liam crucial. Em in france. It is annual slavery remembrance. Day in mexico. It is mother's day in bolivia. It is national journalist day in venezuela it is national artists day like that it is also i am right on the. I'm on the right date. 'em in north carolina and south carolina. It's confederate memorial. day. I'm not sure how much i like that. But that's going on in micronesia. It is constitution day in roman torrey. Utah it is golden spike day. I think that is Probably when they were building the railroad from two different sides and then when they met up they put a golden spike in the middle. And i think later it got stolen so maybe in promontory utah. That's where they put the golden spike. I'm guessing um and then what what other. What fun holidays do we have today. It is national shrimp day so nice to some shrimp and it's also national. Clean your room day so go clean your room once a year all right. That's all we gotta say today. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for listening. And it's next time this is spencer dispensing information goodbye..

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