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Really, enjoy our savers certain American things. For example, we took classes six days a week. It was pretty much from nine in the morning until six at night every day and aside from Sundays and one brief trip to Saint. Petersburg are only day off in the entire semester was Thanksgiving but there's a tradition at the Moscow art theatre where the students who are from the states or we had. Another student and during my year from Canada and other from Australia but we prepared a Thanksgiving meal for all of the Russian teachers and our professors and the leaders of the school and were told by many of them that American thanksgiving is now one of their absolute favorite days of the year and that they really appreciate it and enjoy it and I have to say it's one of the best. Thanksgiving I've ever had was making it for my rush teachers a wonderful, and you say that something that happens every year, the students pulling for the yet every and all that. So fantastic instant. Very cool. Yeah. I mean Thanksgiving is a is a fixture in in my life as well and funny enough my first Thanksgiving and indeed I think my first four, hundred, five all in Moscow so Yes. Oh. Yes. So us. Yes a fantastic tradition to get to be a part of now in terms of your overall experience while you were in Moscow. Well. First of all, remind me how long were you actually? Look Semester is that right? Correct? Yeah. was there from. For about three months from September through December go reut. Yeah because I I. Met You like a couple of times or two Maybe three or four times in in that time buried. Sense, right? Yeah. I remember a Christmas party at some point. To you. Cool. Okay. Yes. So that's yeah obviously. Yeah. Quite an intense time..

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