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Agents stand eventually went on cnn to discuss what happened with the play and the backlash and the play ended up selling out to audiences around los angeles stand. Zimmerman still prides himself on tackling hot button issues today but while the years go by and the times may change one thing remains a constant for him his belief that humor has the power to open hearts and minds. I've always been a proponent of. I think through humor and i've always used humor in my life to get through things whether it was being bullied every day. You know from seventh eighth and ninth grade and being spit on in school or getting through my parents divorce was through humor. And so i think that's important. I feel like when people are laughing. Their minds are a little more expanded rather than when they're being you know yelled at or told you have to believe this or talk about this. I think when you're laughing you're just you're more. Your body is more relaxed. That was my conversation with stand zimmerman. One of the writers of one of the most enduring tv shows in history. The golden girls and one of my personal favorites. My next guest has produced some of the most enduring songs in music history. I'm kelly gough and you're listening to a special episode of left right and center. We'll be right back. I'm kelly guy and welcome back to a special thanksgiving week episode of left right and center. Ask any music fan or any music critic to name the greatest singer greatest band or greatest performer of the modern era. And you're short here. Passionate debate is that the beatles or the rolling stones. Michael jackson or madonna whitney houston or aretha or adele but there is one thing that music fans music critics and most of the superstars. I just named generally agree on that nile. Rodgers is one of the greatest music producers in history. He produced blockbuster albums for david bowie. Madonna diana ross and while many people tend to slow down after forty years in any profession. Rogers is going stronger than ever having won three grammy awards for his recent work with daft punk. Oh and did i mention that. He also scored the movie coming to america and had an extremely successful career as a performer himself. Along with the late. Bassist bernard edwards. Their band she created songs. Like la freak and everybody dance that became the unofficial soundtrack of studio fifty four. And i'm sure this goes without saying but he is a member of the rock and roll hall of fame here to talk about his art and his activism is now rodgers. Now thank you so much for making the time to join us today. Thank you for having me. Written and produced a lot of really really famous songs like a virgin by madonna. Modern love david bowie upside down by diana ross but arguably the most famous song you have written is we are family by sister sledge which i feel like as well known as happy birthday It was just announced. The kim sledge of sister sledge is releasing a cover and there will be a video featuring frontline healthcare workers celebrities and all of the proceeds from this cover will benefit the world health organization's efforts to fight cove it. Are you surprised that of all the work you've done that we are family is so influential that all these years later the world health organization actually is using it to fund the fight against cova d. Did you have any idea it would become such a phenomenon. Of course not we were We knew that it was good. We knew that it was a hit but we were just hoping to give sister sledge A hit record and we didn't think that it would have a lifespan. Beyond you know the normal life cycle of any hit record so was complete shock to us and you were also able to get some of your famous friends together for a re release of we are family right after nine eleven and it became i think a bit of a rallying cry right for americans and some people have compared the stress shock and grief of twenty twenty two that dark time after nine eleven. I think sometimes really serious. People can be dismissive about the power of the arts to heal and to lift of us in our lowest moments. And yet you once told us incredible story about how despite your mother battling alzheimer's. If she heard classic song by frank sinatra barbra streisand and she knew it she would start to sing. Can you talk now about the power of music to heal how it has helped you cope in your own life during tough times and particularly in the last year. You anytime you go to any celebratory situation. Even if it's a somber one music is always a part of it. And i know that For me right now. What's been powerful Or a great coping. Mechanism is the fact that. I've been composing and composing composing All through this time of of lockdown and It's been incredible for me. Because i've been able to work with people all around the world so i've worked with. African artists of work with american artists work with country artists. Who are some of the artists you've gotten to work with in. They'll end the last year. That you're that you're referring to it's staggering so everyone from keith urban in the country cy to burn a boy on the african side of you know it's fun because when you're doing when you're doing music you have to be in the moment so it allows us to detach in away from our own pain in our own problems because we have to get this right as artists where compelled to Get the messaging right. Get the emotions right and for the artists that i'm working with. They seem really driven. So it's it's great. I mean timing For me just as far as internal spiritual relief is concerned that it couldn't be a better coping mechanism so my job is actually my therapy speaking of male. I just thought really interesting story on music therapy and for for those who don't know what it is because i didn't know much about it it's fascinating because it's using the role of music to help people heal physically often including former congresswoman gabrielle. Giffords who was shot years ago. It's one of the forms of therapies. That helped her learning how to regain her. Communication skills I i read. That you are proponent of music therapy. And i know you're going to do some fundraising for a specific music therapy group. Would you like to talk about that. Nordhoff robbins which is I mean one of the most. I didn't even know how to say one of the most rewarding experiences that i've ever had When i first got involved with him. I went to one of their centers and i was able to see it firsthand but now this was no shock to me because my aunt who was in a coma for about five years whenever we would go visit her. We sing songs to were hurt. One of our favorite songs was hey jude by the beatles and we'd sing it with her and she would she would come out of the coma miraculously and sing right along with us. It was the most it almost like a magic trick and She would hear it and she just start singing right along with us. And i make people laugh when i say that even when we get to the camp out and she you know and they start doing the ad libs and she's going judy. Judy judy.

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