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I wouldn't be surprised if he committed suicide just i'm just so disappointed with enter tumbridge time complete cavity why universe because you just need to get back there and clean or get what your wisdom teeth out no way too you wanna finish a story about your no chill appearing to songs in a densely quinson the following in the follow up to the two thousand eight movie which starred meryl streep colin firth curse browsing amount of say free dominant cooper done over that is and all of whom are in the new film other it's interesting shares are secret weapon it'll spoil the fun if we give anything away and executive connected to the film explained last night while we lose our work shares seventy one i wonder who the executive at its i wonder if he makes crossley for parts chair share 71 has not been in front of film cameras for several years before her most amazing tv debut burlesque can we talk about the craziest part of the harvey wednesay sorry because sorry no one's getting off scotfree the he would force actresses to wear his wife's line that's what supposed to be have been came out and said that hardline seemed to threatened her career if she didn't wear markacia on red carpet to the oscarnominated yeah which like definitely like being rape is worse than having to where market it just it shows this dramatic they get a whole machine and like now she's like oh and so disappointed free the girls is he's ordering them going to leave nor i read in on it with him you actually would have more of a sign and he did i reading page six that people are like the people were cameras are like fleeing like suffers i mean how could you not how could you not and you'll get me wrong she's definitely really talented and they're stuck evil youthful but this alec i note the instagram like you to see like other people like make dresses the person's always wearing was like noname designers who make like sending dresses like mortesa is one of a million you know yeah michael costello he deserves as big of a name as markacia the two harvey weinstein.

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