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Hour of the junky radio show thank you to darren elkins for stopping by his wife connie super cool it was two thousand twelve actually not two thousand eleven when he showed up to the junky gathering's final final final it was our post post fight party that we have but we were all basically finalizing our junkie gathering for that year and darren elkin showed up and hung out it was after his win brandao he's right about the bills two thousand twelve the fun time colombian england kick off the winner that game will face sweden who want earlier today we're down to nine teams after this game will be down to eighteen so we'll officially be in the quarterfinals of the world cup so that's chugging along mice lean some really really good teams have kept going and then there's been some some upsets but it's been a great world cup let's do the daily debate as wait for alex caceres to call in all right boys you ready do it the question for today is in saturday's see to twentysix headliner daniel cormie goes for a second you have seat belt but which of the past two division champs accomplishments where most impressive randy tour conor mcgregor bj penn or george saint pierre danta i think people know me know where i'm going to go with this one you know as far as what they did per their division it i think torch saintpierre did the most he has one of the best resumes but as far as division champions i gotta go with bj penn i think even though joy saint pierre has most impeccable resume than any fighter in my opinion i think it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way how he kind of you know picked picked his spot so to speak going up to middleweight and as much as i love randy katori and y'all know that he even he can be kind of accused of the same thing going up to face tim sylvia when heavyweight which is not traditionally a stack division wasn't that stacked and saint pierre was going after business who everybody was kind of going after the time whereas penn let's not forget matt hughes matt hughes when matt hughes was in his prime matt hughes when they were making accolades guys remember when they were calling the pound for balanced wrongness fighter any division he was on a five record titled event streak and bj penn eating mcdonalds training two weeks notice moved in from lightweight because they couldn't find any contenders for the guy and he comes in and mops a floor with them yeah i don't know i don't know how you did that and as far as conor mcgregor well bj did pretty much everything connor did but before connor so i think he trump's them they're so bj's mike guy for this all right how about you goes you really really have to nitpick when you come to doing these type of things and one thing that stands out there they're all great is that i like when somebody did it more than ten pounds you know with a fifteen pound jump or in randy's case going all the way up to heavyweight so it's really really close but i am going to go with george saintpierre just because at the time mad he's a monster and he finally dethroned him and then yeah i guess this being was a great middleweight that greatest middleweight champion of all time but he did it kind of towards the end of his career and so i i admire that so i'm gonna end up going with george saintpierre i'll tell you what when dan started down the road of bj panels like that's my that would number two he actually brought up something bj when when he'd beat mad hughes matt hughes was at his greatest whereas went connor one is second belt he didn't win it from what's considered a the greatest see lightweight of all time which no disrespect outstanding lightweight he's had an amazing career but he hadn't yet established himself as any one of the top lightweights ever and conner didn't defend now j also didn't defend but bj also made quick work and we always praise connor for the quirky made of our as j mainly look pretty easy it's mad hughes now what am i getting that okay now let's move over to saint pierre he won but then he left so there was no title defenses so barely i think i have couture edging out bj penn for me because he succeeded about divisions and he beat ortiz and ladele who are the two top guys at.

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