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What is this line makes no sense to me whatsoever? I love Kentucky this year. But seven points in favor of Mizzou is conspicuously out of place. I'm not gonna question it. I'm gonna go Missouri minus the point here because this is very much a Vegas knows something kinda game. Where there's something. I'm missing that. They've picked up on they know Missouri's gonna win. They know miseries gonna cover we made jokes before the season. Started about Derek Dooley. Getting the job as Mizzou's offense coordinator, great head of hair, though. Well, guess what? Ty, Missouri's offense. And you know, what maybe it's not him. Maybe it's just keep the playbook rolling from Josh hypol- time there and having the quarterback that they do have in the receiving core that they do they just he was smart enough to keep the party going Mizzou offense is good. Yeah. And this line to me indicates Missouri in general indicates that like look Missouri's events is not particularly good. It's not horrible it sits about average, maybe below average. But if you want to be Mizzou. You've got a scored probably thirty points. Does Kentucky strike you right now. No. As a team that will score somewhere between twenty seven and thirty three points against an average defense. No, they don't to me either. And I think at home again, I think Kentucky we'll have success defensively. But it's a lot to ask. If Benny Snell does not get to two hundred twenty four yards. So I'm gonna go Mizzou here. Let's call it thirty four twenty four thirty four twenty four. We we. All right. We've got a couple other games. We gotta get thirty mega ultra lightning. But before we do Dan to other sponsors to tell you about this evening..

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