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How Henry is so naive considering all that he gone through with the savings? He knows that. There are bad people out there. I'll show. Yes. I deal about something happening Alexander, which is. Why the communities aren't unified? So to beat a stupid just baffles me is it because he's horny fuck that kid hope we get stabbed into throat. But you gotta understand too is that he was younger when like Thomas passed. So he was younger when a lot of issues popped off. And who knows what they told him. What they didn't tell him the truth be told because he didn't actually go out to quite like he wasn't physically fighting with a lot of of the things going on. Yes. He knows about the savior's. He understands about the groups and things like that. But I guess for me I take in consideration his age. We've did a Tom job. So there have been a few years they had pants. It's been a lot of peace. You know doing that period of time. Tell her care read up, Phil. Not not not. No. Yeah. But that's just my perspective. Yeah. I agree with you. Hi, guys Turks is I would like Walking Dead. It'd be like Star Trek franchise has several different shows and movies over decades at allow new generations of fans come on board while I was older people watch woodenness Daljit, but also give people years long breaks again interested in the show's been really good came back. Do you guys think pita survive, the Z pox if so they are going to give the whispers hail? Because of what they did all horses. Yeah. There's a lot out there. Also, I think Peter people just kill they sales today. Be like net now out animals are safe also Neagh Iran's with vegan. But he had to know. Yeah. No love for the animals when he spoke those dogs of last week Peter gonna get his ass to. Yeah. Peter like, you said, a let them eat you. I like that. They gave us a clue about the time line says there vagueness has bothered me for years. We knew writ got shot while car was in school on a sunny day. Now is clear z pox, probably starting at the beginning of the school years. There's Halloween was coming up within a couple of months Lydia's family being in the bunker. I love how Lydia story was a callback to a few things present throughout the show. We call careless Z Bo talk about how people needing stories to cope or accept people leadership, and how people will accept lives or exaggerations of it makes them feel better about the decisions being. Made message particular how kids see such limited info both for protection. But also for adults to better control their behavior. Also, Daryl love saving those these abuse girls somebody needs since somebody sent his ass to Kelly's house. Yeah. He'll take care of come out. But seriously, I hope there doesn't get killed because Lydia. He already got shot in pale looking for fear. So it's not a looking like the end result of helping Lydia would be good. Maybe. Piece tareq. They start for your comments. And we also have a poll the poll was should they give Lydia back to abusive, mama care. No. All right. The pole. Yes. Not our problem or no. You can't give back knowing what she went through forty four percents eighty. No, you can't give back which means fifty six dollars. Yes. Not our problem Wallace. There. There's some point yet to pick your battles. Are you going to save every of you person in Zepa? The whispers threat to all three communities, and that they will have will be dealt with. But Lydia inked the hill the down happy black face if month rod camp. Yes, I like to leave feedback because you read my feedback. You welcome. While Jimmy says, it's of the point really to be honest with you while she figured this out Jammie says they should only keep that girl if she wants to stay, but I don't know if she were going to war for honestly, it might not Matt. Anyway, at this point the whispers no day where they are. Giving her back may not stop them from tacking. They've already shown themselves to be aggressive whether you're bothering them or not as good point..

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