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Bat or the golf club or whatever in swing through it it only goes through the bad it goes to your arms it goes through your whole body is coal and nobody really wants to be out there i know the state regulates you know certain temperatures to be playing but the thing is if you want to get the games in new miles that give it a try because if it's not snowing or raining in the fields are in good shape take advantage of it yeah but like i said i don't think we've had a nice march in probably a decade it seems like every march if the same yeah i don't know it's rusty weather and this week it's we're going to get out of the forties this week so you know that's a good point i think we've been better false that we've had springs in a number of years now you gotta remember we're still annoy we got lake michigan wasn't that wind comes off for wake and lake water temperatures in the thirties it takes time to warm up and we're going to have that showing fats and it's just gonna be around i hate to say it sometimes to abrar and even bay i mean we don't get a chance to warm up and it would be nice to see a nice full reg spring around here that's normal i know what two thousand twelve at one up early two thousand sixteen roof a couple years ago we did have a little bit of a warm up but it would be nice to have a gradual you know time to spring so we can get all these sports it causes i'll tell you one thing i'll throw this out e dis athletic director secretary what they go through in this spring there's fourteen sports and they have to keep you know basically intact here and all the changes and all the cancellations the bosses and scheduling and all that i don't know how they do i don't know how they do go in and pat them on the back because they do great job.

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