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Sick of being. Give me a little variety much about Boston fan. I mean, never be over it. Hello. Hello. I love this show, by the way. Thank you so much. You make our day that ever see the show the ranch. I love that show the ranch. Yeah. Never seen it. What's it? All I like, your voice a lot. Like what you're all about. What what what's the Rancho about John, ashville culture? And I forgot the old said enough for me Sam Elliott Sam Elliott is saying. As it gets your comes out, and he prank Sam Elliott. And he's like, okay. Sam Elliott, you thought you're getting a tax return. Well, here's some guys on the IRS, and they're going to take it a jail. Like, what are you talking about taxes every year by account Murray? Does it and that's why is he got to be Murray? That's kind of antisemitic. It I got an account. I've seen it before. It's a good show. That's pretty good. Thank you. Hey. Elliot, right. Like, no, actually, I was actually very disrespectful. He's a natural is a national hero. I'm Sam Elliott. I was a cowboy hausky. No. That is bad. Why is he so gurgling was talk? Same Elliott on voice grid gurgle. There's no difference. Gurgling? I'm greg. Guys ever. We we we need to hang out. Do now. I mean, we we could we're open to it. You sound like a cold, dude. Do I got gorilla glue? Walker and king Louis, I hang out share you guys. Make my day every day. I want to give back. Well, certainly pricked up when you said goo that's for sure. And yeah, we'd love to try your Goud. How how how good is your how strong is your same lady? Lady grower from for twenty five years. She's from California. It's perfection. You can go to a distillery to be there for six months to a year. Perfectly packed. Every single time is your goose sticky. Yes, afghan. It's very sticky. Is it hard to choke down? Because sometimes I find that sticky. Goo is really really hard to get down my throat. Can you get mix with king Louis, and it's makes it a perfect blend? And what do you call it king? Louis. Goo king Louis is eight times. Oh, gee, Cush time just draw Royal that he's talking about John. You wanna you wanna go go to on one and try this guy's Royal goose afternoon. I'm not opposed. Where do we do this do this in your garage or something? That's that's what I thought about you. He's got a TV out cold snacks. Polls goals, but I'll come up to where you. No, no, no, no, no. We'll go down to Naples. All right. I gotta kill killer. Pac man. Down. You know, fun. And I'm I'm one hundred percent series. I would totally go hang out with this guy weekend, which what's your name again, sir? I'm Frankie I told you HBO Frankie a time ago. Wait, hold on. We gave you a nickname HBO, Frankie. Why do we call you that? I if you guys are talking about some girl from HBO, and I told you about or. Shoe is a lesbian and she sounds legit. Cricket on the one girl on purpose because she wasn't a lesbian. Oh right now. I remember HBO Frankie HBO free access to women. Do you have a Naples? He's just got to kill her serious. Oh, look at port loaded with six billionaires live there. Like a sugar mama because I'm happy in relationship and all that. But I'm always looking to improve my financial situation. I would be more than happy to be a houseboy a kept man if you will for one of these broads like about fifty sixty years old. I know you're the eighty and up range now eight years old because that's right there apparently older guy would watch that. Oh. Be more marketable commodity. I mean, my God might not be as good as yours. But. Yeah. Joey flashes. So good at bone TV. He's already got a king Louis the thirteenth effect and attributes chart hold up. So I want to see what he's gonna do for me, John. We we got to sleep there because it's gonna make us more relaxed than sleepy more sleepy than happy and hungry and you for. What are the amenities like at the pad? You gotta you gotta hot tub or somewhere. We can relax. Okay. I. Outside. If it makes it perfect Jesse for fear every shield time. He's got an HBO Frankie as a at. This guy is my guy staying here bunk bed. Kazaa I'll say John over who gets to be on top. I got three extra bedrooms. Everybody gets real bad. Real you down. You get your own bathroom south come on. We'll do a whole week. They'll get ISDN lines..

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