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Eight forty eight. I'm Mike Barker on New Jersey a one point five. New Jersey one point five instant weather, cold front moves through tonight with it mostly cloudy skies, widely scattered showers, even if you under showers possible overnight lows mid part of the fifties, rather nice day, Saturday, more clouds and sunshine, a little cooler afternoon. Highs upper sixties another frontal system moves in for the second half of our weekend, rain, Saturday night and for mother's day quite a bit cooler on Sunday loaded fifties. I'm meteorologist Ken Boone. Possible bible are wanna make dramatic improvement to your home is offering two thousand dollars up any citing project and twenty five hundred dollars off sunrooms. Do we want to do both? But whichever you choose just be prepared for all the compliments for details. Visit blurry nj dot com. Right now, Elizabeth seventy four Penns grove seventy-one middle six seventy two instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one oh one point eight. The rest of my show. New Jersey's fist hits on. New Jersey's biggest station. Today. On. And. Two. That makes me. And. Guys. The mid Smith sweat. And. I've got. Society. And. Got to. You wanna my K? Joe hang photograph on EBay signed sells for four dollar. Make. The bangel. Eight forty eight Big Joe Henry unafraid of business. The big show weekdays, we talk weekends. We rock posted another recipe from my soda cookbook. You have to try big Joe's quick and easy scrimp kebabs. You'll love them done ginghams. They're good good. Nj one five dot com for the recipe. That's nj one five dot com. And if you're looking for something to do this weekend, we have you covered got producing Chris is the top things to do here in the Garden State, but a nj one five dot com. So based company made a Cup holder for debt that attached to a desk board. So you can eat chips and dip why you drive..

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