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Leads me to believe dean pees is going to blitz a lot so which means they don't edge rusher is not great on their team kevin dodd has not developed so i would normally say i probably another edge rusher can't have too many of them just like we've settled all day but if they're gonna blitz a lot then they might go safety they might go in inside linebacker they could use one of those with avery williamson gone maybe unmovable versatile interior middle of the field type of player who can expand their disguises in their blitz packages because that's what they should be doing with the corners they have yeah i mean look i think that's durin james i think that you wanted a guy who was a traditional linebacker traditional linebacker size you'd probably looking at a rashad evans from from alabama evans a three down guy as a prospect in the nfl like a good quality three down potential guy yeah yeah i think you know you you'd i i said vander is the consolation prize if you miss out on tremaine edmunds and i think evans is the consolation prize if you miss out on vandereycken what would give them evans yeah derwyn like durham i get why it's ridiculous he's not he'll probably be drafted by this point in real life and then our mom's not but tennessee there's they've got one of the seven or eight best starting safety tandems in the nfl it's hard to imagine them going after someone evans when they look at evan taken reason then he'll play sixty five snaps a game for us they took james they would say he probably gets thirty snaps because we're not going to have three on the field all game i mean maybe they would i don't know they deem did play with adam levine.

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