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I wanted more available energy and so they're a trusted partner. I wanna encourage you to go. Check them out. You can learn more about the benefits of light therapy and you can also learn about jews. Next generation of devices at juve dot com forward slash finding mastery. Then you'll also get access to an exclusive discount. When you over to that link again it's juve j. o. Vivey dot com ford slash finding mastery and with that. This jump right into this week's conversation with an and francis how are you. I'm doing great start. Waves that people. Let's start with france. speaking basic. this is an business rank this were and so this is. This is one of the only few times that we've had more than two voices on the podcast. I'm so excited to do this with you. Guys francis let's start with you Tell me tell us just a little bit about who you are How you how you arrived here in the end will do the same for you. And this'll be one way to help. Calibrate our voices and But also get to know your background just a little bit and this will be the hardest question you ask me at the entire time just for calibrating and for an. It's a delight this equation. We are married for your guests and now we are married. So if france mrs anything in describing her in her life. I'll just fill in the blanks and two wonderful sons and two dogs to complete a lifestyle. The on brand lifestyle expert. We don't have led by revenue tightly. Could there's there's no golden retriever That's not part of either one of our dogs golden retriever. In luke got it wired. Good job. I'm wearing fogs just to give. I have one pajama pants..

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