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Hub over the bits scorch strike Cobb with four forty nine remaining in the first half everything leading by two thirty twenty eight up now to the left of the top of the Key Club. That's an interesting way to go round. The screen goes inside it up now at the foul line draft right side of the lane for the finger-rolls. Nobody draws a foul and hub doing the right thing. There gets a mismatch with Brady Mana Cottam little bit taller, but slower afoot and hub. Just doing some mixed tape stuff and giving an angle and taking a hard to the basket and taking a heart father mad at himself that he didn't finish that play. But he had settled for jump shot a couple possessions, go against Brady manteca. I just don't think that's what you're supposed to do. And you've got a slower taller player on you. Prentiss hub free throw on the way. No good. He does struggle a bit from the free throw line. He is now nine of seventeen and that could become an issue, and he's going to remain the point guard the coach Bray is famous for never wanting to tinker with anyone shot. I just think you do. Well, here has Prentice misses the second one to bring the ark down a little bit. It just goes up. So high. He misses the both. Now back the other way knocking down the three Aaron Callixte in Oklahoma is back on top thirty one thirty four twenty remaining first half of play here in New York. With the basketball TJ between the circles. Hibbs? It off to a hub. Pub on over to chesty to comedy comedy backup the hub three in the shot clock hub driving down the lane loses control good defense by Oklahoma. And the young Irish team just lost track of the shot clock. Oklahoma thirty one Notre Dame thirty three fifty three remaining first half of play back with more from Madison Square Garden in a moment. This is the Notre Dame basketball radio network. Whatever you love wherever.

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