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The photographs the desperate notes peel your own image from the mirror. It's just an image sit in feast on your life. I don't know if he wrote the close to his own death. But it sounds like an end of life poem. Where there's been this. Absolute acceptance of the self, and as I say in my commentary, I probably should not have added this. I hope this book has helped you to experience and to know that the Christ you and the stranger that he speaks of in. This poem are all looking out with the same set of eyes. But you only know that at the end of your life. The God's eyes are not other than yours and your eyes when they're doing right are not other than gods. And so grateful that you added that line actually really for me brought the whole book home. Oh, good makes me happy. Yeah. He had just. And I think he just came to my talks because I was the only thing happening in town. But I remember meeting fellow very pastoral way to end with these practices, which are just so much of being and receiving and participate in the trinity. I think pretty with of the mirror me, and then to end with that poem. It felt like that was your mic drop just the lasting wasn't just you're making me happy. Those things hit you in that way. So Richard it's been such a treat for us to be able to walk through the universal Christ with even in this way. And you've been so gracious to be gracious with our questions and our. Good. And knowing that sometimes it's a roundabout way of talking about the big things that you already know what I'm going to say we need to say. Yeah. I mean, there's been a lot of folks who've taken his journey with all of us through this book in this way. What do you what do you hope for those who have been with us? Whether it's doing the dishes and listen to it or they're on a run or in their car. What do you hope they take away and walk away with as they try to integrates from this into their life? You know, I don't know why comes to mind the line for more cuts poem, take the image down from the mirror and feast on your life that God has come to you disguised as your life. As polity RC says that there's no big ideal moral achievement that you must achieve and the irony is that radical self acceptance that accepting that you are accepted. Will paradoxically probably allow you to do some very generative sacrificial can use the word carrying things for our world. But you'll know now that it's coming through you as a flow not as a self initiated generosity. So that's incarnation come to its full conclusion when I know that I am the image of God. And I put together you Manitou and divinity in my feeble life, just like Jesus did. What else would the file state of incarnation b? Yeah. So I if this book even chapter of has that the beginnings of that affect for anybody. I will be extremely grateful because I think as I look at our culture, and I've taught in especially western Europe. But the rest of the world to I see a you manage. That is burdened with lack of self esteem. Just to take a thousand faces but human beings who think they're nothing and are trying to overcompensate in the.

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