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But it but queer code coding. Also, why isn't Santa a woman all female reboot of Christmas? They mentioned MRs Claus. But it's it's just MRs Claus made that for me. Yeah. Yeah. Anna day, Santa is a woman. Major Christmas job calling it. Now, why not beat a dead horse? Okay. No. Yeah. So I'll go one strictly on completely missed potential, and because there are still parts of this movie that I thought I had seen that I thought were sweet. And it's nice to see a leading male character who is not inherently macho toxic. So one nippy, and I'm giving it to the raccoon. I was. Yeah. I was going to was going to say too. But then I realized pretty much say everything that Jamie said so I feel kind of like I kind of have to bump it down to one and a half. I do think that the women are often the most interesting characters in this in this movie. And I like a lot of the actors. I love him. He said eras Mary's burgeon, Stephen Bergen. So I think that there's yeah. There's there's definitely that. And I do think there is something sweeten their about. Like, you know, your your biology, not being your destiny, and and like there's one there is a message. They're sort of like, I mean, I guess he does like Phineas biological family. But it's also it is also like, you are also the people that raised you, and you know, and that doesn't necessarily have to be the people that brought you into the world, you know. And so I think that that is that is kind of a nice message that that you find in the movie there, so yeah, I think I probably would have to say one and a half because but I do feel very much like there were missed opportunities. And there was more that could be done. And it makes me sad that there weren't I do still think that it is like a sweet movie, I think it is very much of its time. There is this like really weird like period, the two thousand were like there isn't good movies. But just like the culture, I feel like entertainment at that time was really weird. And there was a lot of stuff that went on that like really shouldn't have and. And so like, even like the movies that are good or even the movies that are sweet like have this weird kind of like aspartame like after taste to them like of that was sweet. But what is this? We've covered a lot of those movies on the podcasts. Yeah. Always come to the same includes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I've been listening. I was just listening to miss Congeniality episode. And it was like, oh, yeah. Right. That was a sensibly. Okay back. Then it wasn't that long ago that that was okay. That's weird. But yeah. Two thousand zero culture wasteland fight me. That's not true. We had we had mean girls we had the why or you know, which are which were equal in miles now. No, no, we had we had we did up culture back there. We'd be on say. But like it was a very strange very conservative time. I think there was a lot of risk-taking. Would you like to give your nipples Tony one just little Christmas? Tokens would I like to give my nipple standing not not your sorry? Caitlyn? As a Christmas open. Sorry. I'm sorry. I had a moment of like of like, you know, I I would also love to give them to the raccoon. But I think I'm going to give them to the kittens that need to be clawed. Oh, yes. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me. I didn't think I had strong feelings on this movie. But I guess I did we hold do working people. Find you online as he would like to plug. Yeah. You can find me at Mara Wilson on Twitter. You can go to Mara dot sub stacked dot com for my newsletter is called shampoo till the bigger because every week I closed with they fake BBC show title. That's one of my favorite things making fun of British television shows because they all have ridiculous names. Yeah. You can find me there. I'm on the show big hero six children. And so, yeah, you can just go ahead and only they're awesome. Thank you so much you can pull us at all the normal places. Thanks for coming. Happy

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