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John extracting this is thought to her son betty through three different all touchdown what time in the first half clock unbelievable seven dallas defenders inside their 25 trying to prevent the score and could not stop tyree kill but then ezekiel elliott zoo went in from two yards out in the third quarter that turned the teen fourteen chiefs advantage into a 21 seventeen cowboys lead and they went on to win it 28 seventeen over the chiefs the cowboys did in arlington texas of the cheese fall to six in three on the season meanwhile the st louis blues are eleven three and one they are rolling right now after a six four win over the toronto maple leafs in fact let's take a little listen as to what happened in that game as four alex per trans low this was probably the goal of the game this was in the second period on saturday night alex suits deflected comes through to the near site gunnar sent to the blue line push it back the gunners into the bottom of the circle cycle vulgar to jaded schwartz to schenn straight away not a potential awaited the circle weights goes behind mundarain zone alex moffat ran zone sun on an lying here saying it nearly reyrolle thirty two air in the second period but transitional makes it brillant on blue that's to masing plays we've played for you in this sports cast that goal by per transall was one of two on the ninety scored another one he has six on the season one shy of vladimir terasenko lucy think he's doing a trend win the scoring race in the blues he's going after a norris trophy that's for sure in blues beat the maple leaf six to four they set up a road game at new jersey and on a tear right now putting the nhl on notice on saturday night in front of a hockey nine canada audience of vacant flat out score that's what the cardinals wanted to do they want to bulk up their lineup go for an impact tenor they definitely you're chasing a closer or somebody.

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