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Do remember that way you kind of just like pull them from the front and ignoring the screams of pain because you always get them in shoes. Come off when him out as terrible thing and if there's two of them next to each other which we used to do is we haven't done that for a while too big for that then then they're just fighting each other one of the most to get out it's awful. Let's talk a little bit about your incredible rise to notoriety and fame and how that happened just in case anyone's confused about where you come from why we're talking us sort of sort of an overnight viral sensation of this handful parish council meeting the got it was out for a couple of weeks right and then some comedian edited down to sort of more palatable length even the more tortuous stories that it actually started back. The meeting itself was the middle of december. So before it quote hit. We were looking at the beginning of february. So we've all moved on. We've had covert christmas. Had only bizarre that comes with trying to match christmas with with the covid regulations etc. So no we really had all moved on. So when i first heard any anybody was shown an interest in my god. What did i miss. So i wouldn't have to look for the recording and found recording thinking. I must have missed something i must. I must have done something horrendous during this meeting and it was pretty much like a remembered. It you're absolutely right. A couple of politics students in london had picked it up on the internet and they kind of edited down into account more youtube e format and that was what went viral rather than the actual recording of the meeting itself. But it's sort of it. It's an extra it's so unexpected like you say you could never even have imagined on the day or even afterwards that suddenly something that would would go to that extent and suppose the what i find interesting..

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