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To sleep insults and rage and what we do. Now we call you maids. You're a race baiter you're this. You're that you're homophobic. Whatever we want call you. We call you a name to avoid because once i can put you in a category isolate you there at. I don't give you credit for bigger human being. You're white man. You your black anytime. People can put a label on you. They can put you a file at discredit you. And that's why. I don't like labels even when people say that i'm a minister. S said yes minister but don't put a period where god put a combo. I'm you know. I'm a thinker. I've a leader I see oh. I'm a creator. I'm a writer. I'm a bad. I'm a father a guy. I'm a fool i'm crazy. I'm funny i'm stupid. I'm smart but all of that is sitting in this chair right now and to have the whole spectrum of yourself engaged in the process when you speak to people. Because i've heard you speak you. You'll you'll make them cry. You'll have everybody jumping embiid. Lebron fired dawn. Cardwell's stuff like you could get them in. But you bring all of tony. Robbins comes to the stage. It's not just a piece of him. it's all of him. That comes to the stage and i think that in order for you to be a great orator you have to know you are and bring all of yourself with you when you stand behind the mic said trump. The might that means that you the mike is attached to something. Its influence its power just speaking. It's a platform. it's a state is social media technology. It's it's probably it's filled. It's it's music. It sold whatever. God gave you the work with that. Is your bike for folks that you you cannot drop it. I i love you personally. I did. You know that a strong word for lack people. But it's just the truth. I also think that when you look at what makes you effective in my mind looking across the table you. It's all those parts of you described that people don't want to take in because it's too hard. Most people are cognitive misers. It is one figure it out real quick. Also they don't want anything they have to be questioned later not be question or after think or communicate or persuade or share or anything just label somebody but the one thing that i think you told me if i'm wrong that is behind it. All the one thing that will go through every she ll has not judgment but look you can't influence somebody while you're judging them the right you pour so much love i. I love my audience. As i really think in field who. They are different everywhere this well when i went from twenty thousand nine hundred you're going to one hundred sixteen hundred and seventeen cities in seventeen countries on we times. Four or five six seventy programs quarter million people to to an appaling people this year and i brought it home. It's have a little baby girl. Be over events. But when i go to china i think what's different than one in japan and then even them who's there in that audience in that country and what's going on what is the ultimate. What is the experience. So most people don't wanna do that. But where's loved in. The magic of your power is everything i to. It's awesome absolutely. Have you love these people you got through..

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