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Presenting sponsor once and for all we can John today we really kick into it with Donovan McNab overrated underrated shaded under appreciated over appreciate it look we'll get into it two one five five nine two nine four nine for I'll just say this out of the gate there's no doubt in my mind out of make that is historically underrated around here and really in many ways the word I would even apply Morris under appreciated the accomplishments of Donovan McNab and then a group of eagles teams which of course on your part of we're we're vested they win the Superbowl now did they get it done like the twenty seventeen eagles they now but it was a tremendous ERISA sustained success Donovan McNab was far and away the most important person about that on the playing field Brian Dawkins a better player Brian Brian Dawkins better player Donovan McNab a more important part of it quarterback is you know he is the quarterback and if you don't have a good one you're not gonna sustain Jack beagles sustained success for a decade think of it this way Donovan McNab when he retired from pro football Donovan McNab personally had been the eagles starting quarterback for more playoff wins okay nine in it nine times out of the guy would have to win a playoff compared to all the other years when he retired in eagles history there's only been eight times eagles won a playoff game without the other but not as a quarterback and yet here we are kicking off once and for all you John I know it's coming and is going to love people out there already do this and I get it he's a faulty made some mistakes you definitely messed up in some big games it drives me nuts and I know we're gonna hear from them today two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four the people they're going to come on here and dog make that Hey you want to criticize and say Hey there's some stuff wasn't perfect sure no doubt about it but John the fifteen twenty twenty five percent of people they just doggone dynamic that it's nuts the look we'll see where I was at a two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four yeah I think it's not a bad team to twenty it might take it might be underrated overrated where do you stand on the big Najar where I I this is a bit of a really convoluted question for me your teammate I there is cornerback to play with them yep yep I came here in large part because he was the quarterback here you know I was an unrestricted free agent I believed that I every week just to picture this joke every week you get ready to play a game your watch in other offenses go up against that defense for that week yeah and so I got to see a good amount of Philadelphia eagles offense and Donovan McNab was my favorite player I would I would get excited when we will get a cut up of the eagles because I loved watching Donovan McNab play you know and that's that's from a guy I was like a total tape pad read like I was scrutinizing tape every week to have to get the biggest the best advantage I could you know I I against my the the guys I was going to be matching up against I just eat for enjoyment sake like the eagles was my favorite offense to watch you know it was the same offense is essentially that we were run in with the west coast stuff yeah but you know what don was doing was different than what we were doing what don was doing the athleticism German arms holy cow the arm I mean that jumped off the screen yep and yeah I mean like so secretly Donovan McNab was my favorite player while I'm out there playing at Oakwell and when I became an unrestricted free agent it was like Hey I get a chance to go and play with that guy the team that just came this close you better believe I'm going yeah and in your home state had to yeah yeah going home to play with the guy that I have admired from afar for I mean I I feel as though Donovan played played a huge part and why I was here in the first place and I hear the the angst I hear the the attacks against Donovan and then I also hear people say Donovan said you know the the most accomplished quarterback in Philadelphia football history I I've you know like I I think it's balanced I think Donovan is complicated it is complicated I I saw that up close yeah I mean I'll I'll express to you today Joe I am conflicted to this day I can hear it on John I don't think I have I love Donovan make now yep I hated certain things about Donovan McNab on on game day I understand the the pluses and the minuses I think don is I think Donovan if we were talking about whether he's overrated or underrated I mean dot can I say that he's ranked right about where you need to be ranked I think people appreciate the five conference championship games so properly rated I think people view him as the most accomplished quarterback in the history of this franchise because he is but I think sometimes those people forget that Donovan McNab and locate any read and Donovan McNab changed the direction of this organization they reversed the fate of a city right and how we look at football Donovan McNab had the hardest job on that team and I I'm telling you it wasn't even close I felt pity for Donovan McNab every single week as a player I couldn't believe what he was subjected to I mean clip it shocked me I felt fortunate that I was not done to make now in what way what do you mean by that the way people came down was terrible it was terrible this scrutiny the the animosity were over it was also rob John John I I said I said and it went when when my seats at the vet seven forty seven moved to the lake I don't know what section we were but we were really high up we were like hanging over I ninety five we're so high up and so at the very edge and I'm telling you these guys and sat behind me I think it was the third to last forever second Leicester I can't remember which the guys that sat behind me were I can't even begin to describe to you John after the first in completion of the first series the incredibly vile nasty stuff these guys we just are rolling out with I mean the game would you start by the way describing right I can hear it in any case you can hear from those guys here at all really it was it was unbelievable now here's the thing everyone jump properly rated and again two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four properly rate I think he's properly rated well that's an interesting way to phrase it you know they they talked about because I think him so here's the problem in a lot of ways there's truth to that the problem is the reason why in the end I fall squarely on he's underrated is because of the bozos out there and it was hundreds of thousands or millions probably millions the posers out there that actually Donovan McNab was a bomb well he said I'm not going to make that I mean nothing is further away from people dot com I mean guys the team's success not yes team is part of this and Donovan had a lot around him as a team there is no doubt about it okay he had a good defense on helping get him get a ball that great good offense of line yes he did he did not have good receive no we did not other than the one year but he he had typically very good running backs great offensive line pretty darn good tight ends outstanding defense outstanding head coach outstanding defensive coordinator I mean there's no doubt not that there was a structure around Donovan McNab that help them to make that however there is also no doubt that Donovan McNab help to structure around I mean you don't get so five NFC championship games five guys five NFC championship games a guy does not retire that a guy does not retire having over fifty percent of the playoff wins in franchise history and he's a dog the people acting like he was like well she rose at a two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four James when you hear the question Donovan McNab overrated underrated where do you come down overrated why he's look I'm not saying he's massively overrated I I understand we defer the franchise but first of all Nick Foles is the best quarterback in this for the franchise what I care about the most is Egypt that's what matters this is all about the whole point of sports is to win it all like that's the point emic nabbed consistently when it mattered the most didn't come through that is ultimately at the end of the day for me that is his life Hey listen James that's that's a Nick Foles came through for how many games he won the Superbowl engine one Mister James here's the thing though I I understand your logic I mean I I think it's a little nuts but here's the thing because it's so then to did Patrick Ewing and last night we watched Karl Malone John Stockton they fell short I mean listen those guys closer to Michael Jordan dynamique nav fell short one time to Tom Brady now do what another time to Kurt Warner another time to Kurt Warner do I wish she beat Brad Johnson yes they do I would have to be brought joy which should be injected at the long yes should be in jail yes I do so I'm not saying they're all my you know name fall short to Tom Brady Nick freaking full local C. ruins at a two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four Donovan McNab as we kick off once and for all week overrated underrated I think John's point of properly rated is an interesting one the problem is you got that fifteen twenty twenty five thirty thirty five percent of people that actually becomes a palm and it's those people they drive the narrative they make me who I do not think is that Donna Dabbs a hall of Famer but lead me to believe that out of that is in fact under rated and is certainly under appreciated we'll see where everyone's at two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four can be fun that can be a fun week once and for all week we have a blast with that we'll get into some other stuff the Jordan documentary more it's all here today Jenna can't generate your ninety four W. dear.

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