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A championship and win a championship in a way? That still hasn't been copied right the undefeated season but he sort of carry the flag for South Florida sports or decades. If you think about if Don Shula wasn't as consistently great of a coach and didn't have these high level teams year after year after year. What would the south Florida landscape have? Looked like after that. It wasn't until nine hundred ninety three that there was another professional team down here and yet he was still considered respected. The dolphins were absolutely relevant. And it was in large part because of one man sort of bridging the gaps between the generations and even just living until ninety and being around other generations of sports fans down here and parents and grandparents telling the story. Don Shula even today. Young kids recognize the measure of respect. He commanded down here at what he did for South Florida sports media. Konso bring you in here being a analyst as you are in a historian in some ways. Well what does Don Shula mean to the sport of football and to the Franchisee? The dolphins well he is unambiguously one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport here about the undefeated season or the fact that thirty three seasons. He only had two losing one's which is remarkable. But what strikes me? Most looking back is that he didn't do it. Only with the Hall of fame quarterback Sydney Coach three of them in one thousand nine hundred one after Bob Greasy retire. The dolphins went eleven. Four and one..

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