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You're just there's no no way to get around the fact they have a big tummy and you just can't get comfortable at night peeing again throughout the night and then your brain. I had dreams teams in nightmares. About how am i going to take care of this baby. My brain was almost trying to prepare myself for the upcoming childbirth and so sleep really gets lost then and then the other two two big stages when we tend to have big sleep changes are after the baby comes right women. It's normal to not sleep well. You're breastfeeding a lot of the time or you're feeding a baby. We throughout the night babies don't know night versus day and then as time goes on women sometimes a lot of friends myself included have this issue they tend to to worry about their child at night and then or whatever else they have to do even though the child might not have any issues that might be sleeping fine. They don't sleep find. They're always keeping an era so they don't sleep well. Insomnia develops then and then we start to hit paramedic pause so that's one hormone changed drastically again. We start to have estrogen job. Drops progesterone drops hot flashes. A lot of women will report that they wake up in the middle of the night and their mind is just saying there dripping in sweat and they can't go back to sleep so throughout the life from adolescence adolescence all the way until menopause. We tend to have major stages when we can have more insomnia than men index. Yeah it really does. He does <music> actually intensive premenopausal. You mentioned eastern and progesterone levels changing. That's normally happens just before that so it would make sense that that the disruption the three to five days that you mentioned before your period exactly manifest itself as a bigger issue when those levels were really being affected by one hundred percent right yeah ah it's all the hormone drops the big swings is really what can affect the sleep problems but the good news is listening because it might sound doom and gloom. I never a lot of your women. Hello to the man is that they're all things that you can do practical things that you can change their tweaks that can be made to lifestyle. Yeah got some really useful tips. I love sleep hygiene but what can add onto all of their useful tips and then the other reason. I decided to write the book too that there's a lot of misnomers out there like some women just think that they're the only ones who are suffering from sleep problems during peri menopause or after having a baby. It's weird like at least from the people people that i work with someone and just don't talk about it. I don't know why they power through and they think they're talking about sleep disorders or not being able to sleep as a sign of weakness and wanted women to yeah no that okay having sleep problems during peri menopause or after babies or whatever actually there's a normal aspect to it. Some things can be treated..

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