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That would have been better for my first save, but I'll take this one. Yeah, they shut down Trade Turner pretty well, I thought, uh and Soto, you know they're walking him this and that. But Trade. Turner could be dangerous. And, uh, they've gotten them at times when he could get on base, steal a base and create some havoc and they've handled trade Turner pretty well, I think in this series Let's face it. Washington doesn't hit there. I don't say they don't hit their challenged as an offensive team. Really, They are really challenged and the Giants to you know, other than the you know the big boys having career years, But these complementary players can go very silent for, you know, 234 games in a row. And you brought it up a billion times at 789 slot. You know, you got to get some action out of that part of the order. So we'll see what they do today against Joe Ross 11 homers anything about Cueto today? He's gonna have to go deep. I believe I think he's got to go to least five give him a solid five inning hero. He went four and a third against the Cubs. He didn't look sharp at all that game before that, again pitched against the angel. So today really is going to be a Johnny Cueto days, get out there and established himself and get into a night of rhythm. Think that's going to be good for him. It will be a day game. There will be hot, humid form. He loves the hot heat. I think the Giants need to get him going, and I think they need to score some early runs. And we keep saying this and You know, Sam Spear said three runs in 24 innings. Well, you gave him one because you started the runner at second. It's really two runs The Giants have obtained in 24 innings and they steal two wins. So you can't beat that. But Going back to what she said earlier, Marty the bullpen and a bullpen game couldn't have been better. They were just throwing strikes. They walked one polite where one guy all game and that was eight innings and You know, we keep ripping on the bullpen. Well, today, I'm putting a big star in her back because I really think every one of them went out there and competed and did well, yeah. I don't have a problem with him. You know, as I say, and we get to July 31st and maybe Helpful to have one big arm at the end of the game. It's gonna be interesting with Farhan does it really will be. Who's going to be heard Who's not hurt who we can count on for the second half. They could use a bat. They could use a bat and they may have the bad on the team now, but they've got to get hot, Slater Duggar, whoever it's going to be, they can use the bat and they could also use that. Guy at the end of the game that Edwin Diaz, who comes in and says, okay, the game's over. Just give me the ball that Brian Wilson of the world You know that kind of thing? Well, it's going to be interesting guys getting off the I L U Stream ski coming off. They're going to have to make a move today because the double hitter, they added a player, so I'm pretty sure to probably be a pitcher. You know Mark Sanchez was saying that between the games yesterday because I do believe they have 13 or 14 pitchers. Um, but then again, what happens when rough comes off? What happens with these other guys that have been Dealing with the I. L and they start coming back. They're going to have to make some serious moves here in the next couple of weeks. Well, I think Vossler may go today. Maybe I'm wrong. Um, but we'll see. We'll see what they think they need and we got four coming up with Arizona five and 32 for coming up with Arizona. So you've got to feel good about that. There are two ahead of the Dodgers forehead of San Diego. So Main thing is another day off the calendar and we get ready for baseball today. Bill Mudcat Grant passed away yesterday and we talked about it in between games as a wonderful man. You know him? I had the chance to to get to know him. A very special person in the baseball world and the wrath, went back to our archives and came up with one of my memories of the game with Mudcat Grant. So on this Sunday morning, I want to play that. So we'll take a break. Ah, and here from the the Deer Mudcat Grant, and it's a beautiful story that he tells and baseball lost one of its great ambassadors yesterday. So we'll do that It will take a break and then the professor so join us at the bottom of the hour. Alright, more coming up can be our 6 81 away One of 4.8 the one of four point where? Where am I? Bill one. Oh, 45. There you go. Oh, four or five. These sports leader. It is 6 20 in the morning. All right, we're talking baseball. With Marty Laurie, Bill Lasky and Carrie Crowley on KNBR, 1045 and 6 80 v sports sleep. It makes a little sports analysis, pop culture and great interviews. And you've got the rich Eisen show podcast Kurt Warner here occurred. You know, another guy who doesn't leap off the page with the physical skill set either is Tom Brady, right? And so and he's one. We don't need to go into the ability to process information and get through progressions and get it to the right guy and.

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