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It's pronounced naturally. Really? I'm back again tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. I do I've only she smelled leg. Amy. Yeah. Oh, Amy fuller. Yeah. Imports smells, nice, aroma when she's in the building. Yes. She does. Well, yeah, she does young boys club here. He gets in there. The whole stands up straighter. Why will walk through the hallway going nothing? Amy fuller, America, trans right? Promo. Okay. Rigs berry CEO smells good to rig smells fantastic. I listen Riggs Riggs. I bet does eastern and western medicine. I think things are you are you eastern and western medicine. Willing acupuncture everyone's holistic baby I'm holding. Yeah. It's all it's that it's that old spice Hai karate combo. That does not. You can news. Raises the CEO and chairman of origin clear. They're a publicly traded company. We followed for some time their stock symbol OC L N, the leading provider water treatment solutions, and of course, the water chain inventor is, but but lots of great stuff on all your company raised. We thought we just do a big a big review of what's happening with you guys because you're all over the news. I'm getting a lot of people emailing us about about new investment offering with origin player. And and so you guys are moving and shaking with your acquisitions. And of course, your technology is valued I think at the highest level since he hasn't restarted so talk a little bit about the review of what's going on here. Hey, guys. Yeah. So it'd been awhile and the interim things have really taken off on performance. The headline you see on the homepage. There is that progressive water are Texas our Texas company doubled its revenues year over year at the half year, Mark and that is continuing. And then of course, we took on this new group called modular water, which I talk about these videos from another channel. Yeah. And and basically modular water came out of nowhere with a huge book of business and started doing deals literally in the same month, they started and we're rapidly ramping up, and this is a super cool technology for these. They're sort of like water systems in a box. They're fully packaged in these rigid containerized systems, and they they pop them out of the factory on a truck drop in the ground. It's great, for example, real estate developers love them because they can put up a system not connect to the sewage and they can water their golf course with the grand blackwater from the homes. So it's a beautiful thing. And he's kicking and this and this is one of your subsidies. So a couple years ago rigs went on acquisition strategy, and by the way, acquisition strategies, are brilliant because they literally are the fastest way to grow your bottom line. When you're when when you acquire a company stock and cash for currency, and then suddenly you have all their assets on your book. And the first thing you do is you get rid of the debt, and you start you start romancing the biggest customers this is. This is one of the acquisitions stories that great right, right? Well, it's amazing because this is a company we were actually going to acquire a couple of years ago for a lot of cash and the thing about. Private companies is they tend to be undercapitalized. And sure enough we were there waiting eilly right out of capital. And he said this is a deal. And we said, okay, we were like the FOX and his Larry. And he's got an amazing business. I really can't get into the forecast. But we'll be able to report that guidance in early November. It's been going on in Q three. So big stuff going on there. And we have a slate of acquisitions for which we've hired a mid market investment back in New York. Again, I'm limited what I can say. But they're they've committed to this. And it looks really really good. This is some great companies, and they will dramatically increase our revenue profit. How much is one of those boxes? Put out the modular water system Bach. You drop it. And like you're saying five gallons an hour. Fifty million day. I don't know what what kind of you know. You know, what kind of what can you move through the machine? Well, typically, it's around fifteen thirty thousand gallons per day. That's enough to water a golf course. Well, you see these photos there. These are these rigid plastic things and a top right? You see a pump station. Now, there's one that's been installed at the federal courthouse. In fact, and all of southern California is full of pump stations that are rotting concrete, and literally dissolving thing goes in it's one hundred year life, we could go all day long. And they're simple. The prophet is astonishing. Nice. What's interesting here is how you guys have really taken a top down approach prisoner prize solution. Not only do you have an acquisition strategy for things like this. Great technology talking about your technology. There's a lot of IP around around. What you guys do at some point. You're gonna be able to take that dubbing model that you want streamed avenues, you're going to be in every country. Not only that but we're actually going to go direct to market with our technology. We decided that licensing is great. But it's like watching the kettle boil it never does when you watch it. So weird thing then you step away, and it overflows. So here we are with licensing model, that's gone grade. China. My jail is going to Amman this month to close a deal with the national petroleum company. They're doing really well in the oil patch by the way, and you know, that the Permian has a big big problem right now because they're going to have to stop production. When does it twenty twenty-five if they don't do something about all the water? They prey isn't the premiums in in Texas, right? Is that right? The Saudi Arabia of the US. Texas Permian basin. It's huge huge. And so we're in there. We're actually selling dish inspection systems that that Sweden crude. And we sold that at scale. Of course, we're not we have a licensee for. And of course, it stealth because you history, please don't talk about us. Good. So instead, we talk about manure effluent in Spain. That's what it is. The new name for it. Yeah. Before let's get out of here today. Tell us tell us what's happening in the next in the next eighteen months with you guys. Well, I really believe that we can achieve the profitability. That's our we have the best show hose on the planet. They so believe in this technology, and they rigs good Gulf war. It you're great. And they've already been behind us. This current offering is fantastic because it's not just more stuff. We don't want you to buy more stock. If you're in a credit investor we watch to invest in an asset which will tell you about if you Email at invest at origin, clear dot com. I'll tell you what we're gonna put that on our website for you..

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