President Trump, Asia, Barack Obama discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)


Is articulate that america first agenda for a much more specific way for the region and it doesn't sit well with the agenda of the rest of the region on trade and economic and even human security terms he just doesn't sit well so that will be an interesting place four to watch and see how they are trying to either match the tone of the region or how just how how much isolation there is in the american position the second is east asia summit and that i think is interesting they were not going to go the president wasn't going to attend but all of the leaders of asia will be there xi jinping putin mody uh it's a lineup of the who's who of the rising powers frankly and america and american allies it's very important meeting for an american president for any american president and i don't yet know what to expect down of what he's going to do since the decision was made at the very last moment i'm glad he's going to not have an american president there after president obama and made it a point that this is the future of asia this is where the decisionmaking for they're not only the region but for the globe is going to take place going forward you can't step out of that so the absence of an american voice at that for me was deeply troubling about our future and the region and i was gonna agree with all that it was going to add a so president trump give a he's giving to major speeches during this trip one he gave last night last night here i guess is is morning in seoul is in north korea oriented speech to the national assembly to the south korean national assembly his second major speech is going to be at the ceo summit associated with apec in vietnam and the administration is billing this as addressing their new concept of this free and open indopacific region in i think the question exactly you're sheila said as he actually going to be proved presenting a vision of american leadership continuing to sport and open.

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