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Casper's consider one of the best in the business. He's generally well liked by fans and joined the Cups after doing play by play for the Florida Marlins. Now, sources report that it was KASPER who wanted to make the shift from TV to radio. He has made it no secret that he's always wanted to call world Syriza and he may see the socks as the team that could make that happen for him. Casper will become the permanent replacement for a long time. Socks. Voice at farmer who passed away April 1st. Now word is, uh, That Fox Sports is Chris Myers will be the one to replace Casper for the Cubs. Myers has been with the with Fox sports Rather for 22 years. He used to be at ESPN anchor and he's already a member of the marquee team. Bobby may remember the last time we had such a switching of teams here was one in the 98. When Harry carry left the White Sox after many years to go The Cubs and replaced Jack Brickhouse. So we know how the story goes from there, right. And you no longer have to say that the official announcement will be made later on another station. In fact, for the next report on Channel Nine, you can say that Bob Surat will make the official announcement of WGN in about two minutes. I'm just going to do it right here. Thanks. Appreciate it, Judy. Enjoy. Enjoy yourself there in Wrigleyville. Okay. Have a great day. Appreciate it. Uh, we'll get to Davin it in Just a second here, but leases on the phone from Bannockburn. Hey, you're calling number one. Lisa, you get the prize. Way to go. Wow. Thank you very much. What's on your mind this morning? And why are you up? I was actually trying to get online by candle. Buy candles to buy candles. It's Christmas Kiss. Yes. And this is something you couldn't do later on in the day. No, because they sell out within about an hour, so I figured I'd get a jump start. But the website is Seems to be crashing. So I was doing that and listening to your show. I appreciate you doing that. I guess you're not the only one looking for candles, huh? No kidding. No kidding. Well, the early bird may not get the candle, but the early bird does get a 2021 WGN calendar. Gonna send you that for being color number one this morning. Did I hear a new animal there in the background? You did. You heard beautiful Aussie shepherd with a very big mouth Very early in the morning. There's you want to go out? She? Uh, no. I think she maybe wants a snack..

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