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Well, I think one of the first things that we had to do is we really cut costs very, very dramatically throughout the hotel group, the hotel group you know where the brake even may have been a say 50% hotel occupancy Previously I think when we see the market recover, and that's one of the things I'm very optimistic on. We'll see a break even point, probably closer to 30%. Within our hotels. Many of the hotel's a birdie reach break even in Thailand on Lee from domestic business, But as soon as we can open up the channel for foreign business, we're going to seal up further improvement on that. Our food business, on the other end has been very strong and we have brought back more than 20% of our workforce on DH while dining a still slow compounded by both the virus as well as the Ah Ah, the protests. We have seen delivery of now The numbers I saw were plus 15% in the first three quarters over last year, pre called it Dining there still down as a result of Corbett and Ah, the protest, But but even that we see improving dramatically so formal food perspective. We expect a very strong profitable year in 2021 on, we expect to still close the year with profits at the food group for 2020. Well, A lot of the airlines have been saying that things are not going to get back to normal for a couple of years, at least, and we can really not see 2019 levels of traffic for ages. Of course that has an impact tells you something about air travel and how it feeds into your hotel business. That's what kind of full costs you making, looking ahead. Well, you know, I think that the there's a Ah, um, opening up that we see from just getting some of the travel happening. You know, there's no question we're not giving it back to 2019 levels in 2021, But I don't think we need to get back to that. If Thailand can open up to China will already see a huge impact on the whole tourism and economy without having to risk a great deal because China today is It's probably one of our more risk neighbors. Bill, you give up your U. S citizenship a long time ago. You're now a Thai citizen. How closely are you watching the US election and linked to that If Biden becomes the next president. You expect Asian Asian businesses to benefit in any way. I think you know Biden will bring in a probably a different perspective, if if he's elected, and I think you could expect probably perhaps an attempt of bad closer relationships with some of the Asian trading partners, So I think the overall I feel the Asia will come out of it, whether Trump's president or Biden better than most other areas. Bill before we let you go. Just one final question. I mean, we've seen a lot of protests demanding reform for the monarchy. We know that the Thai royal family has a 3% stake in minor international. Do you envision that? That could be a backlash because of that. I don't think so. My view is that this has been a steak that's been held for more than 40 years. Ondas part of the overall investment that relates back to King Rama, the ninth, So no, I don't anticipate anything on that. There's the monarchy holds a stake in many companies in Thailand. That's been a tradition. Bill. Always good to have you on my show Mine into national Chairman and founder Bill Hi, Nikki. There still to come on. The show are counting down to the open in India, which is seen reaping billions of dollars and foreign and flows from the next round of changes will check the stocks to watch. This is been back. How long will it take for the economy to recover? How many of them have remained on the job? Throughout this people are not going to be in public. Transportacion. Nobody knows you have received £600 million in the UK, But we can promise the most complete information and the most detailed analysis. The question is what kind of recovery will be to every twist and turn? Would you be wary of investment in China? At this point Bloomberg Radio. The Bloomberg business happened. Bloomberg radio dot com. Bloomberg. The world is listening. Just a few months ago, you would have thought it was science fiction. What do you think is realistic in terms of getting a vaccine and no, it's a reality. Do we invest for inflation? When it gets really When you make that cold? What's the pushback? Get the information you.

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