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But Sherry and I decided that since I'm doing aqua Tober in the month, October and Sheri's on this new walking kick that maybe she should start a new month of her own called dead didn't dent dent. Walked over originally, said walkw-. Tober realized I was combining the two things. No, it's just walk Tober and I want you guys to do with me. So my rules are just going to be to get more steps than your regularly getting. I think if you set a goal right now and said, I'm gonna walk for twenty minutes a day outside in addition to all the other walking I normally do, so don't count walking your kids to the bus stop and back as twenty minutes. If you already do that in your routine, try to get twenty minutes on top of that. I know I sound like Jillian Michaels right now. I don't mean to me, I just couldn't be more enthusiastic about walking because I do think it's something as a gym averse person like I do not like exercise. You've heard me joke on this podcast that I like accidental exercise, like moving furniture around. I don't like intentional exercise, like getting up pulling on yoga pants and going some joint class. It just never sticks for me walking. Doesn't feel like that to me, I can wear my normal close. I can go out in the sunlight. I can enjoy hardcore hip hop in my ears when I do it. So listen, fun music or podcast. Maybe this podcast and gopher walk and tell me how you feel because I feel like the only thing you're going to tell me as you feel great. But I think the point is to be clear about what walk Tober is. It doesn't mean you have to fit bit and you have to measure your steps or even your mileage. It's about like picking a timeframe, your suggestions, twenty minutes, right, right. And adding that onto your normal daily, carving out that time to spend walking each day. So that you're doing a little bit extra beyond your just normal buzzing about during the day. Right. And it's a dictate you'll feel so good, twenty minutes and you might keep going and do forty minutes. You might be listening to a podcast that's thirty minutes long. You might push ten extra minutes like it's wonderful out of talking worth neighbors. I've been noticing a lot more with like what's going on in nature. And I know that sounds like cheesy, right? Like what are you like birds or landing on your arms? But I know over here seriously, I see the deer walk by stare at them in wonder, I see a butterfly flutter by, but it truly does add to my day and it makes each day feel like I'm doing something different and refreshing and good for myself. So I'm just encouraging. You just start small, try twenty minutes, see if you can do it, and then all your friends about walked over because it has a good ring to it and tell them awkward Tober. And in the show notes, will we put in a poll whose October month is better? Tober is like a name, they can't lose. I've you like you might have. Edge..

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