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My Gosh Uber in in in Europe is hilarious. It's very difficult to figure out. Sometimes you get a little some sell them. Some bigger car is Mercedes. Yeah they tell you it's ten minutes everywhere. It's always ten ten number ten yeah yeah so then we went from there to believe some air and we stayed at a hotel called law reserve which is a very like old school French resort and thankfully the rooms had just been redone so I loved it you did. I like that resort. I don't know if Terry liked it as much. I think that we liked it but I wouldn't go back. Our Room was lovely. I thought you know why wouldn't go back because I thought because we went and saw other other places which I'll tell you about but we saw other hotels that I thought were I would rather if I was going to go back to that area. I'd rather go back there interesting like there was this one hotel I was talking about before called Kappa Stelle which in all of our research I never oversaw never shot so you haven't seen rooms guys would like go into the lobbies so maybe the room situation isn't guys wouldn't let the room situation. Maybe but that particular hotel a French woman told me about that was sitting next to us and she I I was saying is the four season which is in Cap Ferrat go. Is that right there because it's trying to figure out like we were sitting. She said yes and I said Oh yeah we went there to you have to stay at campus stelle which and I was like one of us even knew I'd ever up on any of our so I looked it up and it was like Rockstar yeah. I think I would go back there but I have to say like I'm glad I stayed at law reserve. It was really beautiful. I don't think I would go back to believe Samir in general go back there. Check the box did check the box. It's a really small small town but there's nothing that's like you have to go and and see no I think on your way to drop in and say hello and have drank away somewhere else yeah okay but we did have dinner at the hotel and it was very a beautiful and looking at the water and you're sitting on this terrace services incredible. I mean honestly ever went the service was really great good. Oh and then we learned all of what is good by Joe is like goodbye forever so we just like something we'd be like a jump. The then we went from there which is why we stayed there we went to as for the day and as is like this medieval town and it's really cool and it's up on this hill.

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