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Not showing income coming in so in other words that money the equity that you have in your home is not liquid you can't get at it unless you somehow finance it or sell the property and the other thing is is that i think we talked about that last week also that's also dead money the money that you do have in your in your equity it's not making a dime for you it's locked away and your house is going to appreciate whether you have a nickel in equity or five hundred thousand equities irrelevant so a lot of pieces that consider when you're thinking about yeah oh yeah there's so many moving parts we talk about it each and every week here on the program this is the financial game plan and we're playing little good news bad news or maybe it's bad news good news in this case with skip kelly i'm giving skip some scenarios and he's telling us maybe why the good news is not quite good enough to offset the bad skip how about this when the bad news is the mutual fund hasn't performed very well good news is the fees are pretty low okay so you're mutual fund is performing but that's okay you know i have a hard time with that one if you usual fund is not performing well in this market in the last few years now remember the market has tripled three hundred percent increase that's tripled since two thousand and ten if you're a mutual funds your portfolio's now performing in this mike what what market is gonna perform in change it up you don't have to stay there you can you can do something different so think about that one forget in that case i'd i'd be perfectly happy paying a one and a half percent fee if i'm getting eleven fifteen twenty percent annual returns wouldn't have a problem with the fees in that case this is the.

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