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At first is social media and according to what we've learned here at cbs news this suspect james t hodgkinson from belleville illinois sixty six years old left a trail of information in for investigators on his social media quoting facebook there were some anti trump postings on his facebook quote trump is a traitor is destroyed our democracy quote it's to harm to destroy trump and co i suspect he meant company they're house speaker paul ryan opening today session of congress with a speech guarding the house of representatives one house the people's house you offered prayers for congressman scalise said the others who were shot we are united we are united it in our shock we are united in our anguish in attack on one of us is an attack on all of us house democratic leader nancy pelosi says while democrats republicans have their differences their part of one family and she hopes tomorrow's game will send a message of unity particularly at that time only people want to come together and we're prepared to come together tomorrow night at this assault would be nee that we cannot let that be a victory security of the masses ucits data stepped up today as a result of this morning shootings in virginia state police spokesman dave prokopiev's us a patrols or in place i as a precaution although he says there is no known threat year in massachusetts wbz news time to all three time for traffic and weather together we begin with a subaru retailers.

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